Extra Curricular Clubs

Our Year 6 Dodgeball team came second in the league at Rock Ferry Primary School on Monday 18th June. Well Done!
Our Year 5 and 6 Netball A team came 2nd in their league at Well Lane on Monday 25th June and our B team came 3rd in their league.
Fantastic Results!
 Clubs 2017-2018
Summer 2
Ks2 Cricket
Summer 1
Year 5/6 Netball starting 23rd April for 5 weeks
F2, Year 1, Year 2 Multi-skills starting 25th April for 5 weeks
Key Stage 2 Dodgeball starting 19th April for 6 weeks.  
 Spring 2
Key stage 2 Athletics club starting 27th February for 5 weeks
Key Stage 2 Fencing Club starting 28th February for 5 weeks
Family Zumba club; FREE! Children must attend with an adult. Starting 1st March for 5 weeks
Spring 1
Year 1/2 Go Noodle Club
Starting Monday 15th January for 5 weeks.
Year 3/4 Archery club
Starting Wednesday 10th January for 6 weeks.
Year 5/6 Health and Fitness club
Starting Thursday 11th January for 6 weeks. 
Autumn 1
Badminton year 5/6
Starting the 18th September and running for 5 weeks.
Basketball Year 3/4
Starting Wednesday 13th September running for 6 weeks.
Autumn 2
Year 5/6 Futsal Clubs
Starting Tuesday 31st October running for 6 weeks.
Year 1/2 Gymnastics
Starting Wednesday 1st November and running for 7 weeks. 
Sports clubs 2016-2017
Summer Term
Football club will continue on Wednesdays during Summer term. 
Spring term
During spring term there is a gymnastics event taking place for a select few pupils from year 4, there will be 3 after school sessions for these children only.
Football club will return and be open to all of Ks2. The club is limited to 20 places so ensure reply slips are returned straight away
Autumn term 
Tuesdays 3.20-4.15 we have Karate club for year 3/4. The pupils are really enjoying this club!
On Wednesdays in Autumn term year 4/5 have a football club after school with Mr Brown. We are hoping to create a football team from this club and play matches against other local schools. Check back to hear how we get on.
During  the first half term of the year on Thursdays we had a year 5/6 Karate club after school. The pupils enjoyed this so much we decided to open another club on Tuesdays for years 3/4.
This club takes place before school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for year 6 pupils to help them to prepare for the new style SATs papers: arithmetic and reasoning.
The club begins at 8.30 am and is attended by all year 6 pupils. 
Well done to all those pupils who attended the dance, cricket or Quad Kids clubs last half term.
This term we have a rounders club for the pupils in years 3-5 on Tuesdays from 3.15-4.20pm.
During summer term 1, we will have a dance club on a Thursday 3.15-4.15 for pupils in year 1 and 2 run by a dance coach. We will also have a Quad kids club on a Tuesday 3.15-4.15 for year 5 and 6 run by Mr Ledsom.
Well done to all those pupils who attended the clubs held in Spring term 1.
During spring term two Mr Ledsom is running a football club for pupils in year 3 and year 4 on a Tuesday after school. Get your reply slips back ASAP as places are capped at 20 and are given on a first come first served basis!
During the Spring Term One Well Lane will have two excting after school clubs.
On a Tuesday year 5/6 have been invited to a Table Tennis Club held by Mr Ledsom.
On a Thursday Miss McCombs will be running a yr3/4 gymnastics club.
We hope that both of these clubs will lead to a competition against other schools. Remember to check back here for more information and photos!