Foundation 1

Welcome to Foundation 1
Over the year your children will be learning many new skills and facts. 
They will change and grow before your eyes.  
This page will show you all our exciting activities and inform you of events you can attend.
To support your children in school please ensure that you send them in every day with a warm waterproof coat and a book bag.
As we learn both inside and outside the classroom, your children will need wellies for wet days and pumps or slippers to wear inside the classroom.  
All items of clothes and shoes should be clearly named. 
Thank you for your continuing support.
Mrs Jenkins and Miss Newton.
Please make sure your child has a pair of slippers in school every day to wear inside and wellington boots for splashing in puddles.
We are going to learning about houses and buildings.
We will be reading the story, Three Little Pigs. 
We will be reading different versions of this story.
Below is a link to watch an animated version of this story.
The children worked with different construction materials to build a new house for the little pigs to keep them safe from the Big Bad Wolf.
We explored different materials and described them.
Mummy Pig was sad because her children had gone away. She wrote to us to ask the children to paint pictures of her little pigs for her. We were up for the challenge.
We have been talking about toys.
We have investigated how different toys work and showed our friends.
We have begun to take turns to play with toys and learnt to play skittles.
Naughty Bus
We have had lots of fun reading 'Naughty Bus' By Jan Oke.
Road Safety
We have been leaning about Road Safety.
We now know how to stay safe when walking by a road.
Here is a song we learnt to remember how to stay safe.
Mark Making.
Here are a few of the ways we have been mark making.
By doing this we are getting ready to write.
Little Explorers Club
On: Friday 9th February 2018
At: 9 am
Theme: Exploring Play
 Come in with your children to chat with other parents, staff and the Foundation Years Trust.
Foundation 1 Plans
Please find below an overview of the topics for Foundation 1 this year. Also you can download information about the books we will be looking at and an overview of the Autumn Term.
If you have any questions about the plans, please speak to Mrs Jenkins or Miss Newton. 
Every week your children will take part in English and Maths Challenges.
They can be found on the Pupil Challenge section of the website and displayed in the classroom.
Please try to talk about the challenges with your child.
Nursery Rhymes
During our first topic on Nursery Rhymes we will be singing many old favourites and learning some new ones.
Use the link below to listen to Nursery Rhymes with your children.
We have been reading 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What do you see?'.
We are learning our colours and beginning to use the story language to tell our own stories.
Phonics Workshop.
Thank you to all the parents who attended the phonics workshop. We hope it was useful and that you went away with at least one idea of things you can do at home to support your child.
We have been learning about Autumn and harvest.
We have explored different vegetables using our senses
and collected autumn treasure.
Here are some of the things we have been doing in our first few week.