Modern Foreign Languages at Well Lane
At Well Lane we have a KS2 team that lead this area of the curriculum.  We have chosen to focus on 2 languages.  In this day and age with the amount of travelling people do we wanted to give our children a taster of 2 languages. We chose Spanish and French.
The team meet regularly to discuss and review the MFL action plan.  We work closely with our MFL consultant.  We use a range of resources but the planning is based on 'Early Start' Spanish and French.
The children begin Spanish in Yr3 and consolidate and extend their understanding of the language in Yr4.  As the children move into Yr5 we introduce French which is then consolidated and extended in Yr6 so when the children leave us they have a good grasp of 2 languages.
In Spanish we have been learning how to respond to the question 'When is your birthday?' the children had to learn the months of the year and numbers to 31.

In Year 5 we will be learning French throughout this year. We practice our speaking and listening skills each week and will usually support this with written work to consolidate our knowledge.

Hola! Check out Year 3 saying their names in Spanish!