Year 1

Welcome to Year 1
Our teacher is Mrs Hall and our teaching assistants are Mrs Brewster and Miss Jones.
We will be having an exciting time this year learning lots of new things, this term we will be finding out about different parts of the UK and how we might travel there.
Every Wednesday we have PE with Miss McCombs, please make sure you have a full PE kit in school.
Reading is an important part of the year 1 curriculum we will be taking part in a daily phonic lesson and will be reading to an adult as often as possible. It is important that lots of reading takes place at home too so we can achieve our targets.
This term we will be learning to spell numbers and days of the week, please help us achieve this by working at home.
Our class author this year is Roald Dahl, we have started reading The Twits and are really enjoying the story so far. 
We look forward to learning lots of new things in year 1.
On his journey to find a friend the lonely beast walked through a garden of jellyfish. We came up with words and phrases to describe what this may have been like. Listen to us read aloud our ideas to create a class poem.
Investigating the best paper for absorbing water, writing on and painting on in our science lesson.
" the magazine paper is to shiny and difficult to write on " Connor
" The wrapping paper just lets the water run off" Lily-Ann
We have created paintings inspired by the artist Kandinsky using line, colour and shape. 
We had a fantastic afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year with some tasty food. Mrs Brewster prepared lots of delicious rice and noodles for us to enjoy. The fortune cookies were delicious and we had great fun reading the messages inside.
Listen to Kyson, Alexsis, Mia and Skyla recall facts about ostriches after sharing a book.
We have been learning a song in our music lessons and have been keeping the pulse with the instruments.
After reading the book 'one day on our blue planet' the children explained the food chain.
The year 1 children had a fantastic morning working with Hi-Impact to control lots of different robots. They worked very hard to control the blue bots to make them travel to different locations on maps. They enjoyed creating their own world using an app on the ipad and learning about direction and movement by playing robot turtles.
We have been writing our own worm poems, watch the video to see some of our children perform their poems.
This week the children in year 1 have been learning about time. They have been finding out how long it takes to do everyday tasks such as putting on a coat, timing how long to do ten star jumps and seeing who can stand on one leg the longest.
As part of our seasonal changes topic in science we have been getting out and about looking for signs that tell us what season it is. We spotted lots of fallen leaves, bare trees and even a squirrel digging in the grass. We think it must be Autumn!
The year 1 children enjoyed working with their parents on the computer today. They showed their mums and dads how much fun it is to work on bug club. 
In our maths lessons we have been identifying and describing 2D shapes, look at the wonderful pictures we created.
Year 1 did a wonderful assembly today for the school and parents. Well done year 1 we loved finding out about 'The Twits'
In our science lessons we used our sense of hearing to play sound lotto.
We have been using maps to find out about our local area. We located the school and the local parks as well as spotting the train stations, River Mersey, Rock Ferry station and the motorway. We had great fun reading the maps and finding familiar places!
We have been reading a book all about sharks, watch us perform a class poem inspired by the book and share some interesting shark facts.
In our Science lessons we have been finding out about our senses. We used our sense of taste to identify sweet, salty, bitter and sweet flavours.
Mrs Hall set the children a challenge, Could they build a tower that was at least 1 meter tall that could hold a toy dinosaur? The only materials they could use was paper and tape.
The children had 1 hour to work as a team and see if they were up to the challenge.
Listen to the year 1 children discuss the book 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon. We have been working hard to talk about what we have read and are getting good at sharing our thoughts and making a prediction
In our English lesson today we freeze framed an image from our class story 'The Lonely Beast' and discussed how the characters might be feeling at different points in the book.
We have been working hard to design and make a vehicle to help Barnaby Bear travel around the UK. We worked in teams to join wheels and axles to our chassis and create wonderful vehicles.
We have been finding out what it is like in the city of Chester. Our friend Barnaby Bear sent us some photographs of his recent visit to Chester. We used a map to locate all of the different places and to find out why people visit the city. Lot's of children spotted that Chester is close to the River Dee and is surrounded by a wall. We use Google Earth to take a tour around Chester without leaving the classroom!
This week in maths we have been measuring and comparing length. Today we used non-standard units to find the length of classroom objects. 
We have been finding out about life in China and Bangladesh, two visitors came to school and spoke to us about Chinese customs and what it is like to live in Bangladesh.
" I liked looking at the fans" ( Jacob)
" I liked writing my name in a different language" Calleigh-Mai
" I liked looking at the lion and making it dance" Alexsis
The year one scientists were using their observation skills today looking closely at fish and a lizard. 
They identified the different body parts and compared them.
'we are lucky to have a lizard come to our school' ( Logan)
In our science lessons we have been finding out about animals. We were very lucky to be able to observe a lizard that spent the day in our class. We looked closely at its body parts and compared them with the fish we had looked at.
A ranger from Chester Zoo also came to talk to us about different nocturnal animals, we got to look closely at an owl and felt some bat fur. 
On Tuesday year 1 had an art day. We worked hard taking photographs of each other with the ipads and using the images to create a self portrait. We thought carefully about the colours we chose to represent our mood and personality.  Can you guess how we are feeling?
We have been reading the book ' Here Comes Traction Man' by the author Mini Grey. Together we planned a new adventure for the action hero, listen to us perform our story.
A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who came to the parent  reading workshop. Staff and pupils appreciate the support you give the children. The children enjoyed showing you how they learn to read in class and playing the games with you.
What's in the box?
We used our sense of touch to identify what was in the box. We discovered that this is a tricky job!
Year 1 have been exploring inside Mr Twit's beard ( it was a disgusting job!) we found some terrible things...
We have been reading 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl. Watch us talk about the two main characters Mr and Mrs Twit.
Listen to Year 1's story about when the bog baby came to Well Lane.
Before we listened to the story we thought about what a bog baby may look like, we made models and introduced them to the class.
We listen carefully to the story and used words and phrases we had heard to describe the bog baby.
We have been working on counting accurately in our maths lessons. In year 1 we will be working hard to count to 100 and beyond. 
In our RE lesson we have been thinking about how we can use our hands, we have learnt to sing a song using sign language.