Year 1

During the Spring Term the children in Year 1 will be busy learning about the United Kingdom. We will be focusing on different towns and cities and comparing them with our own locality.
Reading continues to be a big focus and it is expected that children will read at home.
In maths we will be adding and subtracting with larger numbers, learning to tell the time using o'clock and half past and measuring using non standard units.
Our focus texts for this half term will be 'Lila and the Secret of the Rain', ' Claude in the city' and ' Croc and Bird'
In science we will be finding out about different animals and how they compare to humans. We will continue to look at the weather and look for signs of Spring.
PE is every Wednesday and children must wear a full PE kit.
Spelling and reading homework will be sent home each week.
Listen to the children in role as Traction Man talking about his new all in one romper suit with matching green bonnet. 
We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We used cocktail sticks and sweets to build 3D shapes and made pictures using 2D shapes. 
In science we have been learning about our bodies. We went into the playground and labeled life sized diagrams to show all the different body parts.
Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to our phonics and reading workshop. The children really enjoyed working with you and showing you all of the fantastic work they have done so far.
We've been finding out about our local area, we went for a long walk and spotted lots of places we had seen on the map.
" We are lucky to have two parks" ( Finley)
"I can see the River Mersey from here!" ( Thomas J)
" There are lots of shops and a library too" ( Blossom)
We have a new wood work area in year 1. Over the next few weeks children will be learning how to use the tools safely. Keep checking the website for our creations.
In our maths lessons this week we have been thinking of how we can represent numbers in different ways.
We've been out and about looking for signs that it's Autumn.
We found lots of fallen leaves and twigs, apples ripening on the tree and some leaves that were starting to change colour.
In maths we have been representing numbers using tens and ones and using this to work out one more or one less.
The children have been creating works of art inspired by the artist Kandinsky.
We have been reading the book 'Lila and the Secret of Rain' as part of our English lesson. Listen to the children retell the story using a story map.
The children have come up with their own Traction Man adventure story, watch a group perform the story before they write it.
We had great fun today creating self portraits using photographs we had taken using the iPads and collage.
We've been subtracting in maths. We can show our working out in different ways using a part whole model, drawing pictures and writing a calculation. We have worked very hard and are really understanding subtraction now!
Before we read " The Bog Baby " we imagined what a bog baby might look like and how it might behave. We made models of bog babies and introduced them to each other.
We have been reading the book "The Bog Baby" during our English lessons. We used the story to influence our own writing and have made a class story about the day the bog baby came to our school.
In our RE lessons we have been learning how to communicate with our hands. Mrs McGrath taught us how to sign using Makaton.
Listen to the children perform a poem we wrote as a class about a shark.
We are reading the book 'Surprising Sharks' click on the link to watch a short clip all about sharks.
In our science lessons we have been learning about changes across the seasons. We have been thinking about what clothes we wear at this time of year and how they may change as the year goes on. 
We have sorted the pictures into different seasons and have tried to explain our choices.
" New chicks are born in Spring" ( Finley)
" You need to wear a woolly hat in Winter because it's cold." Esme
We have been looking at the geography of our school using the floor plan to find different areas. We found lots of new rooms we didn't know existed!