Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.
This term we will be very busy learning about our local area, what it's like to live here today and how people lived long ago.
In maths we will be ordering and comparing numbers, adding and subtracting and solving maths problems.
We will be working very hard to improve our understanding of texts and will be improving our phonic knowledge.
The children will also be set 'rainbow' challenges to complete during the week. For each learning challenge they complete they will receive a coloured stick to put in their pocket chart. We will be encouraging the children to build a rainbow by completing as many challenges as possible.
Reading is a big focus in year 1, we encourage children to read at home and award children who work hard by making them reading stars for the week.
We aim to work hard, have fun and learn something new each day. 
We have a new wood work area in year 1. Over the next few weeks children will be learning how to use the tools safely. Keep checking the website for our creations.
In our maths lessons this week we have been thinking of how we can represent numbers in different ways.
We've been out and about looking for signs that it's Autumn.
We found lots of fallen leaves and twigs, apples ripening on the tree and some leaves that were starting to change colour.
Listen to the children perform a poem we wrote as a class about a shark.
We are reading the book 'Surprising Sharks' click on the link to watch a short clip all about sharks.
In our science lessons we have been learning about changes across the seasons. We have been thinking about what clothes we wear at this time of year and how they may change as the year goes on. 
We have sorted the pictures into different seasons and have tried to explain our choices.
" New chicks are born in Spring" ( Finley)
" You need to wear a woolly hat in Winter because it's cold." Esme
We have been looking at the geography of our school using the floor plan to find different areas. We found lots of new rooms we didn't know existed!