Year 2

Welcome back Year 2.


During Spring term we will be very busy learning about Africa in our "We're going on Safari" topic.  

 Reading continues to be a big focus in year 2, we encourage children to read at home and award children who work hard by making them reading stars for the week.


 Spellings will be given out on a Monday to be learnt by the Friday.


 P.E will be on a Wednesday this term, so please make sure all children have a labelled PE kit (white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and black pumps).


You will find our Spring curriculum plan and our Power of Reading plan below detailing some of the activities the children will be doing this year.


 Miss Fearon

Spring 2018
Year 2 loved their number treasure hunt around the playground. They worked in partners to solve the different questions.
In English we have started looking at poetry this week. We have been talking about how to be a great poetry performer like Michael Rosen.
We have been reading the poem "Spaghetti Spaghetti" by Jack Prelutsky and performed it as a class with actions.
Our topic this term is 'The Great Fire Of London'.
We have been looking at what happened during this terrible time.
We have made our own stories using book creator on the Ipads.
We use our ICT skills to record ourselves speaking, add photographs and text to our stories and change the background colour.
We love practicing our times tables using Times table Rockstar. We  enjoy having competitions with each other to see who is the fastest in the class.
Year 2 enjoyed looking for living and nonliving things in the eco garden. We know that a living thing  grows and breathes.
Year 2 have been looking at animals and their habitats. We have been researching animals who live in Africa, the habitat they live in and why they live there.
We used the I-pads on Chatterpix to record our facts.
Pizza making at Frankie & Benny's
On the 8th of November Year 2 had a fantastic day out at Frankie & Benny's. We designed our own pizzas and made them in the restaurant. We all loved designing and making our own pizzas and we spoke about adding healthy options to our pizza. At the end of our session we ate our own pizzas, they were delicious!
In Maths we have been looking at the greater than and less than symbols.
We used Numicon to help us decide which number was greater. 
We have also been looking at counting in tens.
We used the Ipads to practise counting in tens from different numbers.
Lots of children have been asking how they can go on this at home.
The website is: