Year 3

A big welcome back to Year 3!
I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter! P.E will be on a Wednesday this term so please ensure all children have their P.E kits in school. Spellings will be handed out on a Tuesday to be learnt for the following week when the children will be tested. English or Maths homework will also be given out on a Friday and expected back the following Friday. If your child requires any help or has lost the homework please come and see me. 
Children are expected to read every night to ensure they make the best possible progress. 
Our topic this term is Prehistoric Britain, keep an eye on our class page for regular updates!
Mr Salisbury and Mrs McHugh
In Year 3 we have been looking at poetry. Children have researched different poets and have recorded themselves performing poetry. Here is a report about Valerie Bloom that we made.
Listen to the children perform one of the class poems!
We were lucky enough for Chester Zoo to visit us in the spring term, our visitor brought animal artifacts which helped our learning about the rain forest. 
A big thank you to all the parents who came to our workshop. The children really enjoyed you being their and completed their GPaS work well. 
As part of our Ancient Egyptian topic the children created their own Egyptian cartouche! The pupils had to create an oval with their name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics at the centre. The pupils then surrounded their cartouche in rope which the Ancient Egyptians believed would protect the named person.
A big thankyou to all the parents that could attend our computing workshop, it meant so much to the children! They children really enjoyed showing how bugclub, mathletics, sumdog and the school website are used in school.
In our new R.E topic, we are learning about caring. The children in class thought about who cares for them and what they do to show this.
During October we visited our local library. We were lucky enough to enjoy listening to Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes and even had a Roald Dahl quiz from our new librarian. Thanks for having us! The children also got to choose a book to bring back to school. 
Our current book, 'Leon and the space between', is a magical story about a young family going to see a magic show... what happens next nobody could believe!
Watch a class member performing an extract from our current class book, Leon and the place between. A fantastic performance, well done!
In our science lessons we have been studying light. We photographed our shadows at different times of the day to show how they move as the sun moves across the sky.
In Spanish we have been learning how to respond to the question 'When is your birthday?' the children had to learn the months of the year and numbers to 31.
In our current English book, Annie the main character had a difficult choice to make. We looked at both sides of the debate then formed a conscience alley to help us decide. The children were very convincing! 
In year 3 we looked at following instructions to build Lego creations! The best part was there were moving parts and sensors in each model, all we had to do then was to write a program on a laptop to tell our Lego what to do. We had a great time and learnt a lot! 
Check out Year 3 saying their names in Spanish! 
In Science Year 3 have been testing the strength of magnets. We asked, "Is the largest magnet always the most powerful?", the results were surprising! 
In English we are reading the book 'Wolves'. To improve our imagination before we write poetry the children were asked to create Art work using photos and videos for inspiration. 
At Well Lane Primary we take E-safety very seriously. That's why we sat down as a class and went though our Well Lane internet policy. The children understood and agreed with the policy that's in place to keep us all safe. 
In Science we have been investigating forces. We took out small windmills to see how the wind works. We investigated if the location of the windmill changed how fast the wheel spun.
A big well done to all the children dressing up for Roald Dahl day! We had a great day in school and learnt a lot about the famous author.
We have been revisiting position and movement in Year 3. The children used the program Alex to solve problems, they worked so hard!