Year 3

A big welcome back to Year 3!
I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter! P.E will be on a Monday this term so please ensure all children have their P.E kits in school. Spellings will be handed out on a Tuesday to be learnt for the following week when the children will be tested. English or Maths homework will also be given out on a Friday and expected back the following Friday. If your child requires any help or has lost the homework please come and see me. 
Children are expected to read every night to ensure they make the best possible progress. 
Our topic this term is pre-historic Britain, keep an eye on our class page for regular updates!
Mr Salisbury and Mrs Ormond
As part of our rain forest topic, the class designed, created and evaluated their own bean bag frogs, they also created colourful and interesting animal masks.
As part of our Rain forests topic we designed and made bean bag frogs using a blanket stitch. We tried to keep to our design as much as possible!
Our current class book is The amazing journey of Edward Tulane, the children are really enjoying it! We have described characters, retold parts of the story and wrote poems influenced by the characters and events of the book.
Our class author for the year is Oliver Jeffers! We will be reading books he has written and illustrated. 
In our Spanish lessons we have been learning how to greet someone and say goodbye, see the video below!
Year 3 had a fantastic World book day. A big thank you to everyone who made a great effort to dress up, the children has a great time in school! 
Today in Maths we were very active! We reminded ourselves how to solve complicated divisions by using the bus stop division method. Then we went outside in pairs to find divisions to solve! 
As part of our Egyptian topic we looked at what the ancient Egyptians ate. We learnt that bread made up a large part of their diet. We began by tasting different types of bread and looking at what Egyptian foods we could add to our bread. We then wrote a recipe for either honey flavoured sweet bread or bread baked with chopped dates. The children really enjoyed the day! 
In Year 3 we are learning about forces in our science lessons. Today we learnt that a magnet has two poles, a North pole and a South pole. By studying the magnets we learnt that two matching poles would repel one another while two opposite poles would attract. 
The children today used an app called 'Alex' to program a robot to reach his destination. They had to use their problem solving skills well!