Year 6

SATs are now over!!!
We have had a VERY busy week, starting at 8.30 each morning, meeting in the ICT room for breakfast provided by Breakfast Club (thank you ladies) and a daily delivery of 'bacon butties'.  Following the food, the children then went for a Year 6 Morning Move It Session with Miss McCombs in the hall, before the tests began.
On behalf of myself and the staff, can I say a BIG well done to ALL of the children. They have worked hard ALL year and this was their time to shine.
Mrs Young.
We wished all our year 6 pupils luck during SATs week this week.  We are SO proud of you all!
During the afternoons of SATs week , as well as some last minute revision, we completed an Art project about the Maya Civilization. The pupils brought in old t-shirts, which they wore over their uniform whilst painting. They also needed their training shoes for PE throughout the week.
Skellig - 9th June
Year 6 have begun to read Skellig.  After Mrs Young read Chapter 1 to the class they discussed what they thought Skellig might be and why.  Images are now displayed in the classroom with their first thoughts.  The children had similar ideas but Taylar offered an alternative idea based on a play on words - she wondered if Skellig was the skeleton of a pig!  We are yet to find out exactly what he is!
Mrs Young then read Chapter 2 and 3 to the class.  Each child then had to visualise the scene and come up with descriptive words to match the images in their heads.  They helped each other identify any spelling errors and used dictionaries to correct.  They were then asked to improve their word choices by find synonyms in the thesaurus.  (One or two of the class were SO interested in the book that they went online at home to find out what Skellig looked like!)
Here are a few of our ideas ...
Summer Term 2017
Tamzin and Leyton completed their final task as head boy and head girl today by presenting Mrs Neilson flowers and a birthday card from the school.
Our new head boy and head girl will be Gabriels and Amelia - well done and best wishes to both of you!
Our new house captains will be:
  • Katherine for Laird
  • Jess K for Lever
  • Charlie-Jean for Mersey &
  • Rhianne for  Victoria
Welcome back to Year 6!  This will be a busy term.  Our new head boy and head girl will be announced this week.  A BIG thank you to Leyton and Tamzin who did a fantastic job in the Spring Term.  
It was good to be back in school today.  We are working hard in our preparations for SATs and so it is important that children attend every day. There are a few important pieces of information that we need to be aware of including the dates of SATs.
*** Mathletics Club runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which begins at 8.30am ***
SATs dates
  • Monday 8th May - Reading
  • Tuesday 9th May - GPaS paper 1 and paper 2
  • Wednesday 10th May - Arithmetic Maths Paper 1 and Reasoning Maths Paper 2
  • Thursday 11th May - Reasoning Maths Paper 3
SATs Breakfast Club
Every year Mrs Brewster and the Breakfast Club staff prepare breakfast for our Yr6 children for each of the four test mornings during SATs week.  This year they will be doing it again.  The children need to come in for 8.30am Mon - Thurs.  We will meet in the ICT room.
Year 6 GPaS Parent Workshop - Monday 30th January 2017
Year 6 hosted a parent workshop to share the expectations of the KS2 GPaS paper.
Parents were invited in to work with their child.  This allowed them to see their child's strengths and also their child's areas for development.  As a school we have purchased subscriptions to a website that will enable the children to access, practise and develop their GPaS knowledge and understanding -
We had a fantastic turn out of 63.2%
A leaflet with further information about the tests and how parents can support their child was shared.  Please see the attached document.
Here are a few of the parent comments:
'I found the yr6 parent workshop very enjoyable and ..... was abe to teach me some things.'
'Great morning with ....'
'..... taught me all about different nouns and explained the meanings of different words.  We had a fun time.'
'Today was very helpful in learning where ..... strengths and weaknesses are.'
Well Lane can proudly announce the appointment of our new Head boy and Head girl.  They are:
  • Leyton
  • Tamzin
Well Lane can also announce the appointment of new House Captains. They are:
  • Thomas for Laird
  • Tyler for Lever
  • Holly for Mersey
  • Jess (E) for Victoria
Our new Yr6 ambassadors will be officially recognised in our whole school assembly on Monday 16th January.  A BIG thank you go their predecessors who did a fabulous job.
Welcome back to Year 6
2016 - 2017
Breaking news: 
  • WOW! What a fantastic show of parents / relatives that came in to school to support their Yr6 child this morning!!! We had an 81% show of support for the children who were in today.  Here are a few of the lovely comments that were shared at the end of the session:
  • 'Really enjoyed the workshop, the websites looked like a really fun way to learn.'
  • 'Very helpful and informative and helping my child to enjoy maths.'
  • 'I have learnt a lot today with my child.  It has been very useful.'
  • 'I enjoyed learning what ..... has been using.  I know more about how I can help her to help herself.'
  • 'Very helpful today seeing what ...... has been doing on the laptop and we will be taking this home and using it.'
Homework Project
Our art work this term will be about the artist Andy Warhol. 
The pupils have been given a project to do over the next few weeks. This project is apart of teaching and learning and it is therefore important that the children complete it and that it is all their own work.
Please see the attached letter which all parents received at parents evening and attached documents to assist the pupils. 
This is due in on Monday 31st October. (Not Monday 24th as the letter states!)
We have been reading 'There's a boy in the girls' bathroom'. We have reached the  point where we felt the main character, Bradley, was facing a few dilemmas.
We discussed what we thought his dilemmas were and this is what we came up with:
  • should he trust the counsellor?
  • should he speak to Lori?
  • should he make friends with Jeff?
  • should he tell everyone the truth about his black eye?
  • should he tell his Dad the truth about his black eye?
We decided to role play the biggest dilemma he faced which was telling the truth to everyone.  We used conscience alley so we could 'argue' each side before we reached our conclusion.  Watch the video to see how we did it.
w/c 31-10-2016 - We return to school:
We have ALMOST finished our book 'There's a boy in the girl's bathroom'.  We have found bits quite sad but the party was hilarious!  We can't wait until we find out how it ends.  Will Bradley be ok now his counsellor has left the school?
We have recently done some hot-seating where Joseph took on the role of Bradley and was questioned by the rest of the class.  Then Robbie took on the role of Jeff, he took this very seriously and gave extremely detailed and well-thought out responses. Unfortunately time was running out so we only had time for one more; Georgia took on the role of Carla.  She was really good but found this role quite difficult to answer Yr6's challenging questions!
We used this experience to base a piece of our writing on; we wrote an interview with one of the 3 characters.
When we finish the book we will film our interviews and share them on our class page.
  • Robbie and Nicole are our new head boy and head girl! 
  • Tuesday 13th September will find Yr6 and the rest of the school celebrating the author Roald Dahl.  Each class will study one of his books. Our class will be reading 'Matilda'.
Year 6 will be taught by Mrs Young and Miss McCombs supported by Miss Hanlon. We have a busy term ahead of us. We have attached the long term plan for the year as well as a more detailed overview of this term.  Have a look to see what we are going to be doing!
Road Safety - Friday 18th November
Year 6 had a visit from Kathy Hall who works for the Wirral Road Safety Team.  We talked about the ways we can keep ourselves safe on the roads.
We learnt useful facts, some of which could save our lives.  Did you know:
  • pedestrians are people who are walking
  • a Toucan crossing is the ONLY one where you are allowed to ride your bike across the road, you are not legally allowed to ride your bike across the road at other crossings
  • a Pegasus crossing is for horse riders
  • a cycling helmet CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!  You should be wearing one whilst riding.
  • booster seats will no longer be allowed from December, children will need to have a full car seat 

Types of pedestrian crossings


Puffins, zebras, toucans and pelicans are all different names for pedestrian crossings.

Pedestrian crossings are safe places for pedestrians to cross the road and where they are given priority. There are various different types of pedestrian crossings, these are: Zebra, Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, Pegasus (also known as Equestrian crossings).

Can you tell which type is which?




We have been discussing figurative language and mood words. Have a look at some of the work we have been doing this term:
Year 6 - Weekly Spelling Homework
The pupils will get 10 spellings to learn every week. These will go home on a Thursday and must be practiced for a test on the following Thursday. The should also be learning the spellings from the year 3/4/5/6 word lists they are given as they have regular tests on these, plus any spellings identified in their work which they bring home in a vocab book.
Today (8th March) we made a class poem using emotions we felt when looking at a picture from our new class book. Here we are reciting our poem. 
This year the pupils will be learning the National Strategy year 5 and 6 spellings. The children have been sent home a list of the year 3 and 4 spellings, with the ones they cannot spell already highlighted. The pupils will have tests on these words but it is their responsibility to learn them at home, as we will be focusing on the year 5/6 list in school. I have attached copies of all the spelling lists to this class page for your reference. 
Thank you to the pupils for their hard work completing their Andy Warhol Projects. 
Their Art work looks fantastic on display in class. 
In science we are learning all about the circulation system. Our first lesson involved looking at the main components and how the blood travels from the lungs, to the heart then to the body and back again. We acted out the sequence in the hall.
We then had to make our hearts out of playdoh and label them.
Today (28/9/16) we made blood soup.
In English we have been role playing Shane's parents and interviewing them. Here are some videos.
We have been looking at gymnastics in PE.  As well as learning how to do cartwheels and forward/backwards rolls we have been looking at travelling, jumping and sequencing. Here are some videos of those routines.