Year 6

Year 6 - Summer Term
Welcome back to all of Year 6, we are now in our final term. 
The topic planner for the term is here so you know what we're doing this term - have a look!
We did have a minor matter of the Year 6 tests or SATs! 
We have now completed the SATs, well done to you all, you all deserve to have done well, having worked hard all year!
This is your time to shine, to show everyone exactly how hard you've all worked this year!
We had mock SATs week, beginning on Monday 30th April which allowed us to run through what would happen during the 'real' one and to reassure you all that there was absolutely nothing to be worried about!  This was why it was so important for you to attend school every day. 
To help prepare you for this you will had daily homework.  We have always had a homework club in school but we will also ran a year 6 club.
I have included the SATs timetable below so you know when they are and in what order:
SATs Timetable
Monday 14th May:            
GPaS Paper 1         GPaS Paper 2
Tuesday 15th May:           
Reading Paper
Wednesday 16th May:     
Arithmetic Paper   Reasoning Paper 1   
Thursday 17th May:         
Reasoning Paper 2 
Summer Term 2018
News Flash!
Thank you to Archie and Olivia for the fantastic job they did as Head Boy and Head Girl last term.  It is now time to announce who our new Head Boy and Head Girl will be.  I wish them well in their new roles.  Our Head Boy is Cole and our Head Girl is Alex.
Our new House Captains are:
Lever - Ian
Laird - Keira
Mersey - Charlie
Victoria - Bethan
Welcome back to all of Yr6, the hard work begins now...
Our termly topic planner for Spring term has now been uploaded so you can have a sneaky peak at what's coming....
Breaking News ......
Our new Head boy will be Archie and Head girl will be Olivia Lo... , thank you to the fabulous job Owen and Ashlynne did last term.  An announcement will be made in assembly.  We wish them well in their new role.
We also have new House Captains, they are:
Lever - Ryan
Laird - Annie
Mersey - Lacey-Jayne
Victoria - Lacie
Another thank you to Olivia Le..., Tom, Amy and Kian for the marvellous job they did last term.
We will now have daily homework that needs to be returned to review the following day.  An updated timetable will be shared.
We have had a visit to raise our awareness of road safety on 23rd January 2018.  We learnt a lot during the visit, we then extended our understanding about how to keep ourselves safe by working in groups to focus on specific aspects of road safety.  To celebrate what we had learnt we produced posters which were then shared with the class and wider school.
As a Keystage, Year 6 will visit Rock Ferry Library every half term.  This will encourage and celebrate our love of reading as well as supporting us in ensuring we are reading a wide range of genres.
Welcome back to Year 6 - Sep 2017
Year 6 will be taught by Mrs Young, Miss McCombs and Mrs McGrath and supported by Miss Fishwick and Miss Hanlon.
PE kits will be needed in school as PE is every Monday afternoon with Miss McCombs.
We will be announcing who our new Head Boy and Head Girl will be along with our House Captains shortly.  Make sure you log back in to find out who they are.
Please find attached the Year 6 Long Term Plan, our Power of Reading plan for the year and our topic planner for this term. 
Our Autumn term topic is Crime and Punishment and the first book we will be reading is 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom'.
Year 6 - Weekly Homework
Daily reading
Monday - Reading comprehension (due in for Thurs morning)
Tuesday - Science (due in Mon afternoon)
Wednesday - Maths (due in Mon morning)
Thursday - GPaS (due in Fri morning)
Friday - Spelling (to be tested the following Friday)
BBC Live Terrific Science - 14th Sep 2017
We have been lucky to secure the opportunity for our Yr6 children to travel to The Fuse in Manchester to be part of the live audience for the BBC Terrific Science!  They will be going on Thursday 14th September.  Log back in to see what happened!
Breaking News 
15th September 2017
We have a new Head Boy and Head Girl.  They are:
  • Ashlynne and Owen
Congratulations to the 2 of you!  Good luck in your new role as ambassadors for not only Yr6 but the whole school!
22nd September 2017
We can now announce our new House Captains for the Autumn Term, they are:
  • Mersey captain - Amy
  • Laird captain - Thomas
  • Lever captain - Olivia Leary
  • Victoria captain - Kian
Our new head boy, head girl and house captains were officially recognised and received their badges in assembly this morning.
Mathletics - Yr6
Year 6 will be attending a Mathletics ession each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.  The start time is 8.30am, beginning on Tuesday 19th September.  If your child hasn't returned their reply slip, can you send it in with them.
Many thanks
Mrs Young
Weekly 'thunk'
Each week we will be discussing our 'thunk'.  This is a question that doesn't have a right or wrong answer.  The idea is it gets the children to think about things and reason.  We discussed our first one on Thursday 21st September.
What colour is Monday?
We had some interesting thoughts which we will share with you.  All of KS2 are discussing the 'thunk' and the results will be displayed in the KS2 corridor for us all to see what we all thought.
Year 6 spent an entire morning with a robot. They had to use coding to tell a story, making sure that their robot moved at the exact right times. We had an amazing time and even Mr. Leathers got to have a go!
We have been sorting and classifying animals in science. Check out this game we have been playing.
Check out our latest science experiment on the science page!
We have been learning gymnastics in PE, this week we looked at balances.
In science we have been learning about the circulatory system. We have made play-doh models of the heart, made blood soup; collecting the different components of blood and we have also conducted an experiment about our pulse rate whilst resting , walking and running. 
Autumn Term Homework
There is an expectation that ALL pupils in Yr6 complete and return homework.  If for any reason pupils are unable to complete the work at home eg) use of the internet, there is a homework club run in school every lunchtime. If homework is not completed, pupils will be given a further opportunity to bring it in or attend homework club, if not they will be missing playtime until it is completed. 
Yr6 are expected to read at home on a daily basis and ensure that their books and reading logs are returned to school each morning.
There will be a reading comprehension sent home each Thursday which needs to be returned by Tuesday morning.
Pupils have access to Bug Club, Monday's homework will be either to read and complete any activities set OR to complete a GPaS activity (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling).
Science or Topic:
Yr6 will be set a piece of Science or Topic homework every Tuesday by Miss McCombs which needs to be returned by the following Monday. Homework is always an extension of the work they have been doing in class. It will help them further understand the work we are covering and therefore is vital.
It is vital that pupils know their times tables AND can recall the facts rapidly.  These are practised and monitored in school and pupils are also expected to practise them at home.
Every Wednesday there will be a written piece of Maths homework that will help pupils practise, consolidate and apply their skills and knowledge to new situations.  This will be due in the next morning, Thursday.
Each week Yr6 will be looking at different spelling rules and patterns, they will bring a list home in their reading log that they need to practise and learn before the next spelling lesson.  Spelling lessons will take place on a Friday. 
Each week the spelling list will be added to this page.
Homework Timetable
Monday - Bug Club / GPaS
Tuesday - Science or Topic
Wednesday - Maths
Thursday - Comprehension
Friday - Spellings
Please ensure your child is completing their homework.
Year 6 were incredibly lucky to be invited to watch the live recording of BBC 'Terrific Scientific'.  We got to watch Dr Xand and Dr Chris who taught us all about the importance of exercise.  Three of our class were chosen to answer questions live on TV!
Yr6 will be using a variety of resources to use and apply the maths skills that they are practising in lessons.  One resource that is being used regularly is BrainBusters. 
We will share some of our work on this page...
We are using the life savers scheme of work to learn about money. We have all got to complete the following questionnaire.
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