Airport Day

Year 3 travelled to Brazil and had a brilliant time!
First we researched what the weather would be like so we could pack appropriately, then we made our way there.  We learnt about the physical geography of Brazil through photographs and compared the different types of houses across the country. 
After learning about life in Rio De Janeiro, we made and decorated some fantastic carnival masks.  We got to try lots of different food which is popular in Brazil and then played some Samba rhythms on percussion instruments.
Year 2 traveled to Cambodia and had a fantastic time! 
We began the day by learning facts about Cambodia. We then wrote letters to a school in the country explaining who we were and asking them questions about their day to day life. Later on we studied Buddhism, the prominent religion of the country, we learnt so much and designed our own mandalas.  
Year 1 packed their suitcases and headed off to Kenya. They tracked the journey on a world map, looked at and made the Kenyan flag and created mud huts. They listened to the story 'Handa's Suprise' and compared Handa's village with Tranmere.
Foundation Stage went to China via Well Lane Airlines. We checked in using our passports and tickets before enjoying a drink in the departure lounge. The children said they enjoyed having a biscuit on the flight to China. The children enjoyed tasting the Chinese food. The children loved all the food especially the ice-cream and mandarin oranges.