April's Lunchbox Survey Update

April’s Lunch Box Survey

As you are all aware the School Council have been working incredibly hard on improving our School Lunch boxes. In November, Mr Rhodes from the NHS came in to survey the items in our lunches and Well Lane was the 84th school out of 95 schools in Wirral.

Just before we broke up for Easter, Mr Rhodes came in again to repeat the survey after all of School Council’s hard work. We came 51st! This is a fantastic improvement and fabulous news. We are incredibly proud of ourselves.

But, let’s not stop there. Next time Mr Rhodes comes in to look at our lunches, it would be great to get even higher up that list.

As a reward for the children, we will be having an own clothes day later on this half term. However, it will be no ordinary own clothes day. The information will be announced in a newsletter very soon.

Keep up the hard work everybody!