Art and Design & Technology

At Well Lane children develop a range of skills in Art and Design Technology.  Our studies in Art and Design are linked together with our History and Geography topics to ensure a cross curricular approach to learning.
Each year group studies a different artist to give children a deeper knowledge of the great designers, architects and artists in history.
Following on from reading Ted Hughes' Iron Man, Year 4 were challenged to design and build their own Iron Man using recyclable materials.  Their Iron Man had to include a working electrical circuit.  Children showed  excellent team work.
Children in Year 4 have been making their own mosaics.  They designed and created their mosaics using both paper and tiles.
Year 4 have looked at the work of Lowry and used oil pastels to recreate some of his most famous paintings.  We used view finders to focus on an aspect of his work.
Year 2 have been designing and making their own pizzas at Frankie & Benny's.
They had a fantastic time!
Foundation 1 have been using vegetables to print with. They made different patterns when you printted with them.
Foundation 1 made pumpkins and spiders as part of a child interest mini topic.
July 2019
Year 4 enjoyed their visit from the fun food chef
Year 2 have designed, made and evaluated their own kites as part of their history topic looking at the seaside.
In Year 3 we have made bean bag frogs as part of our Rain forest topic. First we had to cut a template then felt, then sew them together. Finally we added lentils to fill out the frogs. We stayed as close to our design as possible! It was so much fun sewing!
Year 4 - Global Food
As part of our Global food topic, the children had to follow instructions to make guacamole and salsa. This involved chopping, squashing, peeling and preparing their food. They also got to take a sample home. We were all very impressed with what we had made. 
The designers in year 1 have been busy designing and making a vehicle to help Barnaby Bear travel around the UK.
The year 1 art work inspired by the abstract artist Kandinsky

Throughout Art and Design in Year 5 we have been developing our printing, painting, sewing and textural skills. Please see some of the pictures of our so far.