Autumn 2016 parental workshops

Year 6 Parent Workshop - Friday 4th November 2016
  • WOW! What a fantastic show of parents / relatives that came in to school to support their Yr6 child this morning!!! We had an 81% show of support for the children who were in today.  Here are a few of the lovely comments that were shared at the end of the session:
  • 'Really enjoyed the workshop, the websites looked like a really fun way to learn.'
  • 'Very helpful and informative and helping my child to enjoy maths.'
  • 'I have learnt a lot today with my child.  It has been very useful.'
  • 'I enjoyed learning what ..... has been using.  I know more about how I can help her to help herself.'
  • 'Very helpful today seeing what ...... has been doing on the laptop and we will be taking this home and using it.'
Year 3
A great turn out from the Year 3 parents today, here are some of their wonderful comments, 
  • Really enjoyed today's workshop. Something we can do at home together 
  • Today has been very helpful. I like being able to use the many websites my child has access to 
  • I now know more websites that my child can use at home, we will be doing them together 
  • I completed a maths challenge with my son today, really enjoyed myself 
Year 5 Parent Workshop Wednesday 2nd November
"I found this morning really interesting and also realised how much work the children and teachers do. It is so clever that they can learn through fun! Also the fact that I can go onto the website and see my child is a lovely idea. It's really great to see how much the children are enjoying school."
"I enjoyed mathletics, it's a fun way to learn and keep their minds active. I wish they had this when I was here!"
"I have really enjoyed this workshop, seeing and experiencing how the children learn. The support from the teachers, Mr Leathers and Mrs Ormond gets a 10/10 from the first to the last part. The teachers communication was great."
"Fantastic!!! Easy to access and to understand. Great fun and an encouragement to learn!"
"I think the school is doing a really good job on teaching my child. Big thanks!"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the session, gained a good insight of what the children are learning. Great work!"
Year 1/2 Computing workshop
Year 1/2 parents were asked what they felt was the most useful aspect of the session:
"Being able to integrate this program on various devices to help my child learn."
"The iPad is a help when reading, but being with my child in class is priceless".
"Working directly with children on computers".
"Seeing how the children have their own confidence on computers".
"Watching how my child uses computers with his work".
"Going on the site with my child to understand how it works and how I can help at home.  It really does help."
F2 Reading and Phonics Workshop
These were some of the comments the parents and carers made about the F2 Phonics and Reading Workshop.
It was useful to watch a book session so we know how best to help at home.
I enjoyed playing the letter games. We can get some things like this for Christmas!
The handwriting session helped me to learn cursive style as I didn't do this at school.
I would be happy to attend any future workshops.