Bounce and Catch Virtual Competition

During the Spring term, all pupils from Foundation 2 to Year 6 took part in a Bounce and Catch competition. Miss McCombs and Mr Ledsom timed how many times the pupils could bounce and catch a tennis ball in 30 seconds. There were strict rules; the ball must be dropped from above waist height and must be caught with both hands. We entered every pupil's results into a virtual competition across the Wirral. 1,918 children entered.
Well today we had the results back.
Year 3 from Well Lane had the highest average scores from all the year 3 classes that entered!
Also the year 5 girl with the highest score across every year 5 girl which entered, was one of our pupils. 
Well done to all those that entered. Check out our School Games competition board in the hall for the break down of the competition.