Foundation 1

Foundation One
Over the course of the year your children will be learning a lot of new skills and knowledge while making friends and having great fun. This page will show you many of the exciting activities that we have enjoyed in school as well as ideas for things you can do at home.  
To support your child please ensure that they come to school  EVERYDAY with a warm waterproof coat and are wearing their school uniform. 
Your child should return their homework, reading book and log EVERY FRIDAY in the plastic folder provided which should be cleaned regularly at home in light of the pandemic.
All items of clothing and shoes should be clearly labelled with your child's name. 
If you have any questions please ask, we are here to help. 
Kind Regards
Miss. Warwick(EYFS Lead) and Mrs. Walker. 
Attendance Award
I am very proud to say that F1 have received an award for the BEST attendance in the whole school for the week commencing 4th October. Well done F1. Keep Up the fantastic effort. 
Home Learning
Please use your pack that you have collected from school to complete the daily work challenges. Each week the story and the tasks will be linked to our current theme. 
It is a requirement that children should be working a minimum of 3 hours EVERYDAY whilst learning from home, therefore we are asking that you either upload evidence of your child's work or send us a message to say that it has been completed. 
If you have not already done so please accept your invite to Dojo. There is a short video on the Class Dojo website that explains how you can create your child's own portfolio page, on which you can message comments and upload photographs of your child's work. If you have any problems, then please let us know by either emailing our class or by telephoning school on 0151 6459844 and asking to speak to myself so that I can help. 
Work tasks for each day of the week are set out in the pack and include
  Daily exercise opportunities
  Nursery Rhyme of the Day
  Themed Challenge
There is also a suggested timetable which shows you how you might like to structure your child's learning. If the suggested times are unsuitable for yourselves due to family commitments or your work schedule just adapt the times to suit yourselves. 
The timetable and daily work challenges are attached below (these are the same as in the packs that you collect from school). THE ACTIVITIES SHOULD BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO SCHOOL SO THAT WE CAN ADD THEM TO THE CHILDREN'S LEARNING JOURNEY BOOKS.  
Please also see  the links below, all of which will help with your child's learning. 
Thank you for your continued support. Please don't hesitate to message us on Dojo or via our class email if you have any questions which is
Kind Regards
Miss. Warwick
We have been enjoying trying hot cross buns this Easter.
We are loving our new theme 'Christmas'. We are very excited and  we are having lots of fun. 
We are going to work collaboratively to make our very own Christmas tree! This is it so far! 
We have started painting our tree to make it green. This will be the top of the tree! 
We are STILL painting! This tree is going to be very big and very green! 
This is the middle of the tree. We have a painting relay team going on now! 
This is the base of the tree. We are persevering and working hard to get the job done! 
This is our Norwegian Spruce! All we need now are the decorations! 
A star in the making! 
What's a bit of glitter between friends?! 
Oh and the star will certainly shine brightly now! 
We have been learning through our Christmas activities. 
We have been loving our Christmas books. 
And our Christmas reading glasses. 
We have an Elf Workshop in our outdoor area. 
We have been developing our fine motor control and hand and eye coordination by using the tweezers to count the pom poms into the Christmas tree mould. 
We enjoyed eating Christmas star biscuits. Our lunchtime star ate the biggest one in the middle. 
We have used the cutters to make Christmas trees. We have been counting the baubles. 
We have been painting pictures of Rudolph. 
Mr. Elf from the shelf loves reading our Christmas books. It looks as though he has been there all night! 
Mr. Elf has also been getting up to mischief outside. Here he is on the tree stump!
Now he is on the shed roof. We are learning to use positional language such as ON, IN, NEXT TO, UNDER, IN FRONT OF and BEHIND!
Mr. Elf in bed after a busy night doing all the jobs in the classroom! 
We are writing letters in the post office. We love our reindeer pens. They light up and  play a tune. 
We have been looking at catalogues and then cutting out pictures of toys to make our Christmas Lists. 
We made Father Christmas hand puppets. We had great fun pulling and sticking the cotton wool! 
We have been raising lots of money for Children In Need while having lots of fun. 
We have been finding out about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. 
We have been creating firework pictures by learning how to print using kitchen roll holders. 
Using the shapes to make firework pictures. 
We have been practising our fine motor control while making tracings of rockets. 
Counting Conkers
Using our senses to explore the leaves. 
We have been working collaboratively to make a firework sky. 
Funky Fingers: Making a firework with pipe cleaners. 
We have been learning about Autumn.
 Our Hedgehog Hibernating
Creating an autumn scene.