At Well Lane Primary School, children have access to a wide range of ICT equipment to enrich their learning across the curriculum. 
The table below shows the requirements of the KS1/2 computing curriculum.  Children have used a variety of apps and programs to develop their own animations, comic strips and games using iPads, iPods and laptop computers.
Each class has discussed the importance of staying safe online and children know what to do if they see something they are uncomfortable with.  All classes have signed an 'E-safety agreement' and children know they are to treat others with kindness and respect online.
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In Y2 maths, we were using positional language to follow a set of instructions.  We created a model using cubes following instructions given by our partners. 

We linked this to computing through the BlueBot and Alex apps where we learnt each robot was following an Algorithm.


Year 5 have been using Scratch to explore shapes during their Maths lessons.
Year 4 - iMotion 
Year 4 created iMotion videos. They used play dough to create living things which they were showing the life cycle of - egg-chick, seed-flower, caterpillar-butterfly, frogspawn-frog. The children produced some great stop motion videos. 
Children in Years 5 and 6 took part in an after school computer club where they learnt how to create their own Android apps. 
They learned:
  • about the global market share of Android vs iOS
  • that Android apps are built using Java and XML
  • that XML code governs the visual layout of apps
  • the camel-case name tags for 3 different app 'views' in XML and how to open and close them
  • 4 different XML attributes and how to edit them
The children worked hard over 9 weeks to create their apps.  Each child created music, chose images and wrote questions for their quizzes.  
When all apps were complete, children voted on the top 3 to be uploaded to the app store.
You can check them out using the link below!
In Spring and Summer term 2017-18, children in Year 4, 5 and 6 attend 'Sound Design' club where they learnt to create and layer sound effects on to video.  Thomas worked hard to add sound effects to the video below:

Year 4 have been learning about search engines.  They learnt all about how ‘web crawlers’ search the word wide web to make an index of web pages.  Working in pairs, they then started to index a small portion of the web based around computing.



We have been fortunate enough to receive support from Hi-Impact who brought in Lego We-Do kits.  We were able to make Lego animals then program them to move using code on a laptop.
We have also had workshops which have taught us how to make stop motion animations and program robots.  This has really extended our skills and knowledge of computing.
Year 6 used stop motion animation during their Science study of Evolution.
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