At Well Lane we have a superb Eco team who care greatly about the environment. During the summer term we have visited the B&M recycling plant in Bromborough and learnt many new things! We discussed how important it was to reuse, reduce and recycle and witnessed how many of the machines worked at the plant, the pupils had a great day and learnt a lot!
At Well Lane we have been entered into a battery hunt competition. Please bring in old batteries so we can recycle them and save them ending up in a landfill!
We have recently began regular litter picking across the school grounds, this is to keep the school safe and tidy.
In July 2018 Well Lane Primary was assessed on all of the Eco topics covered over the last two years and were successful in maintaining the green flag status. 
After winning the 2017 climate challenge Well Lane Primary hosted the 2018 challenge. This years challenge focused on marine pollution, our school chose to talk about plastic use in school and how we can reduce it.
The Eco Team were invited to Hype Park's opening in July to sample all the exciting things that they have on offer.
Well Lane are pleased to announce that they are the winners of the 2017 climate challenge!
Well done to all involved 
The Eco team have been very busy clearing litter from the local area. This week we filled 3 bin bags after litter picking in one road. One local resident was so pleased that we were helping to improve his area that he gave us a box of chocolates!
Some of the litter was too large for the children to move so they have contacted the local council to report the problem.
Well Lane Primary have been chosen to launch Wirral Borough Councils campaign to get dog owners to clear up after their dogs. Dog fouling is a problem around our school and the children at Well Lane are wanting to put a stop to it. Children have been making posters to make local residents aware of the problem and we are proudly displaying a banner to remind people to pick it up!
Well Lane have green flag status for all the hard work we have been doing with Eco Schools. Our green flag status will be reviewed in July this year so the staff and children are working very hard to make sure that we maintain this award.
Since September we have been very busy
  • Taking part in the campaign 'What's under your feet?'
  • Reducing the amount of waste in our school 
  • Remembering to switch off lights and taps when not in use
  • recycling items that were being thrown away to create new planters for our outdoor areas
  • Planting bulbs around the school 
  • Developing the new eco garden
  • Encouraging birds to visit the school by putting up bird feeders and houses
The development of the new eco garden will be an exciting time for our children, we want every child to contribute and work towards creating a beautiful place where they can explore and learn.
On 4th July Well Lane Primary achieved their second green flag status.
Well done to the Eco Team for all the hard work you have done the past two years!
The Eco team took part in the 'lights out 'project. They spent the day at Wallasey Town Hall where they worked with a local artist to transform old street lamps into works of art. Schools from all over the Wirral attended and worked together to create these master pieces. Our school worked with Maria to make dingy skipper butterflies and beautiful paper flowers. The children and staff had a wonderful time ' a fantastic day' said Logan.
Mrs Hall and Miss Jones have been remembering to reduce, reuse and recycle. They have transformed two old cupboards into new learning resources for the outdoor classroom. Year 1 now have a wonderful outdoor kitchen and a construction area. The children agree they are much more fun than the old cupboards!
One of the bird boxes in the year 1 outdoor area is occupied!
The children first spotted a small bird coming and going last week and heard the baby birds calling earlier today. Mrs Hall very carefully took a picture of the inside of the box and we can see the new arrivals. 
Mr Lamb has been busy helping to develop the eco garden. He put a gutter on the shed so that we can collect rain water and added a fence around our newly planted shrubs to keep them safe until they get bigger.
The bug hotel in our eco garden is decigned to attract small insects who like to hide in the dark spaces. The children will be able to study these mini beasts as part of their science topic.
All the bulbs and seeds have been planted and have started to grow. Thank you to everyone who donated bulbs.
The photographs show the first stage of our project to create an eco garden. We will add more photographs as the garden develops, it should look fantastic in Summer when all of the flowers are in bloom!