Foundation 1

Welcome to Foundation 1.
Over the next couple of weeks we will be exploring our classroom and learning how to access each area.
Our first Topic is Autumn. We will be looking at the changes that happen in autumn, going on autumn treaure hunts and finding out about harvest.
Parents Meetings
We look forward to talking to you about how your child has settled in F1.
F1 parent meetings will be on Monday 15th October, Tuesday 16th October and Wednesday 17th October.
You should have now all been given your parent meeting appointments. 
Please speak to Mrs Jenkins as soon as possible if you need to change your appointment.
F1 Challenges.
Each week your children complete challenges in school. 
Check out this weeks challenges by visiting the pupil challenge section of the website.
October Parent Workshop
Thank you to all the parents who managaed to attend our workshop. We hope you and your children had fun and learnt new things together.
This week your child will bring a brown bag home to collect their autumn treasure.
Please return the bag by Monday 24th September.
We have had an exciting start to the new year.  Here are some of the things we have been doing this week.
We are learning about Harvest.
We have read the story about 'The Little Red Hen'.
Hear a version of the story with the link below.
We have learnt about harvest.  We found out that the Little Red Hen would have had an easier job if she had a combine harvester to cut the wheat she grew.
We have also been looking at vegetables.
Foundation 1 Planning Overviews
Snack: Please send 50p in on Monday for the week.
Bookbags: Children will need bookbags in to enable them to select a book to take home to share with you.  It is also useful to put any work they have completed and letters.
PE Pumps:  This year we are asking for black pumps to be brought into school so that the children can change into them when they come into class and remain in them until hometime. 
Stories and Rhymes
Here are a selection of stories and rhymes we have shared in class.  Please revisit them with your child or visit your local library to find other stories by the same author.