Foundation 2

Foundation 2
School Closure 
We now have an F2 class email account. We would love to see any work or photographs of you completing any of the activities set or anything you have been doing at home during lockdown. We would also love to share some work on our class page for you and your friends to see. Please ensure you add names to any work. Any questions please contact us using this email address. Thank you and take care.
Some more amazing art work from Noah, this time in the style of Alexander Calder. Fantastic work Noah, well done.
Libby has been a very busy girl during lockdown and has been learning lots of new things. Libby used scrabble pieces to make a beautiful piece of word art. She has been learning about measurements and shapes as well as baking, playing school, gardening and reading to her puppies! Libby has even helped to make her own cushion covers and after a lot of hard work had a well deserved pamper day. We hope you enjoyed it Libby!
Noah has been designing more fantastic art work in the style of Joan Miro! Super work Noah, well done. 
Luke looks very proud of himself completing his school work, and so you should Luke. We are proud too! Luke is also growing sunflowers and they are growing so tall! Keep up the good work Luke!
Please send any pictures or work to and we can add them on too!
Keep smiling and stay safe.
Classroom Secrets Kids
This is a great website which covers all year groups and is currently free. Set up an account and have a look at all the fantastic activities including, Maths, Reading and Phonics. Just google classroom secrets for kids and go from there. 
I hope you have managed to look at some of the math topics I added a couple of weeks back and have had a go together. I have now added a new quiz linked to some of these new topics, with a few familiar questions mixed in. See the quiz section below to log in. Good luck and have fun!! 
 June daily Wellbeing Challenge
Can you complete a challenge every day in May?
Use the ELSA challenge calendar below.
Week beginning Monday 8th June
This weeks White Rose Maths activities are linked to
The Princess and the Wizard
Have a look! There is an online lesson for each day.
Can you read of any more stories about princesses or wizards?
Why not draw a princess or wizard.
Remember to send in photos to our F2 email we look forward to seeing what you have been getting up to. 
Maths Activities.
We follow White Rose Maths in F2.
Check out the activities for F2 on their webpage, using the link below.
How many can you complete?
Please also find below a number of maths activities for you to complete. Maths is split in to 2 categories in Early Years. These are Number and Shape, Space and Measure. The following activities link to topics the children would have been learning this term in school. Choose 1 of the topics e.g. doubling and focus on this for a few days to a week, choosing 1 activity per day. Please note these do not need to be printed out, you can use the idea and draw your own. 
Reading Books online.
During school closures Collins Connect are giving access to their online reading books. These are the reading books we read in school. 
use the link below
user name:
Password: Parents20!
A huge well done to Noah, Avigail, Millie, Libby, Leantra and Michael (F1) for completing the mixed topic quiz!! Keep up the good work!!
Please have a go at some of the new maths activities (see above) and learn the skills involved. I will then put up a new quiz based on these skills e.g. doubling, subtracting from 2 1 digit numbers, counting on from a number etc. 
To enter the virtual classroom log on as a student and use the room code MCGRATH8675
This can be a fun activity for you to support with. I will add another topic soon. Have fun!
School Closure
During this difficult time we would like to send everyone well wishes and to say that you are all in our thoughts. Whilst it is incredibly important that the children continue to learn during their time off school, the most important thing is to look after each other and stay safe. There are many fun ways for learning to continue in the home and we will strive to share as many strategies and ideas through our class page as possible. Read, read, read! You read to them and they read to you, share books together and enjoy discussing them. Make dens and create a wild adventure, then use this opportunity for writing. Let them write about where they have been on this adventure, you will be amazed at what they come up with. Encourage them to use robot talk (a method of saying aloud each sound they hear in the word) before writing and check their sentence makes sense. Have an arts and crafts day, keep fit with go noodle or create your own PE regime! Work packs are also currently available from the office so please ensure you take one before closure on Friday if you have not done so already. An activity grid will also be sent home with ideas of how each lesson can be taught through exciting ways. This can also be found below along with a range of websites accessible from home.  
Take care and hope to see you all in the near future. 
Mrs McGrath, Mrs Jenkins and team. and use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS - A website with a wide variety of topics and learning resources. - Username: march20 Password: home - An excellent phonics website with lots of fun games to develop phonics. - A great reading resource for applying their phonics knowledge. The children can use phase 2 and 3 comics (we have not yet learnt the ai, oa, ur, oi and ear sounds as this is a slightly different programme to what we use in school, however there is no harm in learning them!). - A great Maths based website which the children are familiar with from use in the classroom. 
Please ensure your child is listening to song of sounds (link can be found on this page) as often as possible to stay familiar with the phonemes and letter blends. Reading should still be daily for 5-10 minutes to continue the development of blending sounds together to read. 
Writing and letter formation needs to be practiced daily too where possible. Remember, this does not have to be with pens and paper, it can be done with chalk outside, paint brushes and water etc. Have fun with it!! A great way to support daily writing would be to create a diary. Ask your child to write a sentence about what they have enjoyed each day. This will also be something positive for them to share when we return to school. Other ideas include writing a letter to a class mate, relative, neighbour, create a dream shopping list, if they could do the weekly shop what would they buy! Write an imaginary story, become an Author for the day. The children did this on world book day and absolutely loved it!!
Practise recognising and reading high frequency words too. See the link below.
Choose 5 words each week from word wall one and practice spelling and writing them.
Continue with phonics play activities using phase 3. Link for website can be found below. 
A big, huge well done to all the children in F2 for completing their sport Relief mile. It was a long way for those little legs but we did it!! Thank you very much for any sponsor money raised, it will go a long way towards helping those who need it most. 
Our current theme for Literacy is instruction writing and the children have decided to write a set of instructions for how to trap a bear! The children have recently finished writing their own version of Little Red Riding Hood, called Little Blue. Instead of a big bad wolf the children added a big grizzly bear into their story. After a little investigation, we have discovered that the bear has escaped from the story and is roaming free around Well Lane!! We even found evidence that he had been in our classroom after finding mud scattered everywhere and hearing a growling noise. We needed to act fast! The children wrote their own set of instructions which included digging a whole, covering it with sticks and leaves and placing a jar of delicious honey on the top. Now we just have to wait and hope we catch him soon. Wish us luck!!
Chester Zoo
We had a fantastic day out at Chester Zoo, despite the weather!, and the children thoroughly enjoyed seeing their favourite animals. We still have more work to do in class linked to our trip but the children are currently enjoying completing a tally chart of their friends favourite animal. 
Library Trip
On Wednesday we went to Rock Ferry library.  We heard the story 'The Cave'  by Rod Hodgeson and made a wolf mask. We had a great time and now have our own copies of the book to enjoy again and again at home.
Juniper Jupiter
Our new book is about a real-life superhero.  She is super brave, super strong and super sneaky.
We have enjoyed all our superhero activities.
Take a look at what we have been learning about this term so far...
The children have enjoyed the story of The Star in a Jar, for our Literacy topic. Watch us act it out and retell the story in our own words.
The children have enjoyed talking about Autumn and using objects such as conkers, acorns, leaves etc to explore and create artistic pictures and representations of objects. They have mixed Autumn colours and used these in their designs. 
PE is a huge success and the children love going in to the big hall to work on different tasks and games. A great way to release lots of energy!
We have been focusing a lot on numbers and embedding those basic skills of counting and solving number problems, whilst focusing on mathematical language such as more, fewer, less etc. 
F2 Curriculum Overviews


Each day Felicity the phoneme fairy brings the children a new phoneme (sound). The children are getting great at recognising them and hearing them in words. Lots of robot talk at home will continue to support the children in hearing those sounds which will support them in developing their reading and writing skills. 

Have a look at the attached phoneme mat to see which sounds your child will learn in F2 and encourage them to practice at home too!

Parent Phonics Workshop
Thank you for attending the parent workshop.
The children enjoyed sharing their learning with you.
Remember to continue to use some of the activities to support your children at home.
Colour mixing
The children have been exploring what happens when they mix colours.  We looked at the changing colour of autumn leaves and tried to mix our own colours of paint. We also explored what happens when you put colour filters over our torches.