Foundation 2

Foundation 2
Welcome to Foundation 2.
Over the year we will be learning many exciting things and making lots of new friends.  During this term, once we have settled into our routine of learning we will be finding out about Autumn, our families and reading lots of new stories.
On our web page you can find out what we are learning and how to help your child at home. 
PE will be every WEDNESDAY afternoon, please ensure your child has a fully named PE kit and has had a go at getting dressed and undressed themselves.
If you need to share some information about your child, please speak to one of the staff in F2.
Notice - Please ensure your child is reading every night and completes homework at a weekend, ready to return on Monday morning. Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Jenkins and Mrs McGrath
TAs - Miss Leasor and Mrs McHugh (mornings) Miss Hanlon (afternoons)
Take a look at what we have been learning about this term so far...
The children have enjoyed the story of The Star in a Jar, for our Literacy topic. Watch us act it out and retell the story in our own words.
The children have enjoyed talking about Autumn and using objects such as conkers, acorns, leaves etc to explore and create artistic pictures and representations of objects. They have mixed Autumn colours and used these in their designs. 
PE is a huge success and the children love going in to the big hall to work on different tasks and games. A great way to release lots of energy!
We have been focusing a lot on numbers and embedding those basic skills of counting and solving number problems, whilst focusing on mathematical language such as more, fewer, less etc. 
Each day Felicity the phoneme fairy brings the children a new phoneme (sound). The children are getting great at recognising them and hearing them in words. Lots of robot talk at home will continue to support the children in hearing those sounds which will support them in developing their reading and writing skills. 
Have a look at the attached phoneme mat to see which sounds your child will learn in F2 and encourage them to practice at home too!
F2 Curriculum Overviews
Parent Phonics Workshop
Thank you for attending the parent workshop.
The children enjoyed sharing their learning with you.
Remember to continue to use some of the activities to support your children at home.
Colour mixing
The children have been exploring what happens when they mix colours.  We looked at the changing colour of autumn leaves and tried to mix our own colours of paint. We also explored what happens when you put colour filters over our torches.