Foundation Years Trust

Peeps  workshop
Every friday morning, parents and children from Foundation Stage 1 learn together through the Peeps workshop.
On Friday 21st April, the group started to make their own books.  First the parents and children shared stories to get some ideas for their own books. Then they started to make books together.  
We look forward to seeing the end results next week.
Thank you to the parents who attend the sessions on a regular basis.
If you are interested in attending please ask Foundation Stage Staff or at the School Office.
Here are some of the things that they have said about the sessions.

Question 1 – What is going well/what do you like about the group?

-Friendliness of the parents and the organisers.

-Children have opened up since the start of the sessions.

-The happy atmosphere, every session I feel really welcome.

-Spending time with my daughter without other sibling.

-Chats about anything.

-Taking activities home that are different to home activities.

-Being shown how to further my child’s education from home.

-Learning new things and different techniques to help kids.

-I like coming here. We all have a chat, everyone is friendly. It’s teaching us things to do with our kids. My son likes me coming in.

Question 2 – What would you change about the group?

-For the session to be longer. 

-Bigger mugs for our tea

-More dads.

Question 3 – What have you done differently at home since coming to the group?

-I have written down routines for both of them.

-Routines. Splitting my time for one to one will each of my children.

-Doing more activities.

-Talked about and made some new routines at home.

-Found myself doing a lot more with my daughter at home. This group has made me realise your child’s education should never stop, there is always something that your child can be educated on.

-Stopped being as strict when it comes to playing in the bathroom as she is learning by doing this. Encouraged her to do more things independently.