History and Geography


At Well Lane we aim to bring the subjects of History and Geography to life, providing all children with subject specific skills that will enable them to understand the world around them. 

From Year 1 to Year 6 the children are taught these skills through termly topics in line with the requirements set out in the National Curriculum 2014. 






Year 1

Big Britain

Barnaby Bear in the UK


Year 2

Fire, Fire

On Safari

Seaside holidays

Year 3

Ancient Egypt

Active Planet

Prehistoric Britain

Year 4

Roman Empire

Super Cities

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Year 5

Battle of Britain

Extreme Earth

Ancient Greeks

Year 6

Crime and Punishment

Natures Natural Nutrients

Mayan Civilization

For more information about these topics, visit the class pages.  

Topic over views, homework activities, lesson activities and photos for each topic can be found there.


Homework Help

To support learning outside the classroom and homework activities, or just to allow them to share some of their learning with you, here is a list of useful websites. 


History websites

BBC website has lots of information as well as interactive activities.



Woodlands Primary School has a very useful website to support research on many different history topics.




Geography websites

Continent matching game



Map skills games



National Geographic Kids has lots of information about different animals and habitats.



Woodlands Primary School has a very useful website to support research on many different geography topics.

In Year 4 Geography, we have been learning how to use atlases and locating different places in the UK.  We have also been learning about the differences between human and physical geography.  We talked about the similarities and differences between cities, towns and villages and which of those we would rather live in and why.
The children in year 1 have been looking at maps of the local area. They were able to locate the school, parks, train stations and some could even find where they lived.
The year 1 children have beem learning about Neil Armstrong. Watch them recount the events of the moon landing in 1969.
Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London.  They have been looking at photographs comparing life in 1666 to modern day Britain and drawing story maps to help them retell the events of the fire.

Our history topic in Year 5 was all about World War 2 and the Battle of Britain. We have learned about the evacuation, the Blitz, Anne Frank, the Holocaust and much more! We have really enjoyed this topic and have managed to develop our knowledge and empathise with many of the feelings and emotions of this period.

Foundation 1 used Google maps to locate the school. They looked at the places locally, such as the park, lidl and spotted the old police station from the classroom window