Friday 13th December 1.30pm- Christmas Fair !

Tuesday 17th December - 9.45 - EYFS Performance for Parents
Wednesday 18th December - 9.45 - EYFS Performance for Parents
12.00 - Christmas Lunch
12.30- Christmas Parties F2-Y6
Thursday 19th December- 9.00 - F1 Christmas Party
12.30 Susanne T Schroder - Author -
Christmas Book
Friday 20th December - LAST DAY OF TERM - SCHOOL CLOSES AT

Monday 6th January - 8.45 school reopens

Changes to pick ups :
Y1 and Y2 will both be leaving from the Y2 classroom door.

Parents and carers should come through the Park Road playground entrance, that we use in the morning, which will be opened at 3.05pm.

Mr Lamb opens the gate to the playground at 8.45am and closes it at 8.55am. The children will continue to come in as they have done.
The children in key stage 1 had a great time at the end of term disco

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Dec 23

Christmas break

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