Maths at Well Lane

How do we teach maths? 

At Well Lane we want ALL children to be confident with number and able to reason and problem solve.

We have responded to the changes to the National Curriculum and our Maths teaching is based around the White Rose Maths Scheme as well as other resources to support our teaching, such as Target your maths and Mathletics.

 The 'Mastery' curriculum ensures the children have a deep understanding of the subject, where they can make links between the different areas of Maths.

There are three aims of the Primary Mathematics Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. In all lessons, where children are required to think mathematically, pupils are encouraged to apply their knowledge to a range of different activities and are given the opportunity to reason and problem solve. Much of the new curriculum focuses on the children being able to reason about Maths and solve problems independently. It is no longer enough to just get the answer correct; the children need to be able to prove why and explain how and why.

In lessons, children are encouraged to use concrete resources, such as 'Numicon', cubes and counters, to develop a secure understanding before moving onto using just numbers and solving problems. 


Throughout the school we use Numicon, a research-based resource which can enrich both teaching and learning. Numicon provides everything to create confident mathematicians throughout the whole school. Through using concrete apparatus and imagery this enables us to embed deep understanding. Also plenty of opportunities for developing mathematical language are given so that our children learn to express their thinking using the correct vocabulary.

Maths in EYFS

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children’s learning in maths is practical with hands on experiences. These experiences are routinely taken beyond the classroom for example: lengths of dinosaurs being measured on the playground; repeating patterns spotted on the paved areas and matching numicon pieces in the water, or sand trays. 

In F1 and F2 children becoming confident with number is very important. At Well Lane we encourage children to access maths in all areas of the classroom. Outdoor learning is key and children take part in maths activities both indoor and outdoor through play.


How can you help your child at home?

Times Table Rockstars

Well Lane Primary has subscribed to Times Table Rockstars. All children from year 2 to year 6 have an individual login which they can use to help learn their times tables in school and at home. Please encourage your child to login as much as possible, the leader board is very competitive.  

Click the link below to sign in and get started!


Mathletics is another amazing learning resource that pupils at Well Lane have access to! Mathletics is designed to give students a safe and engaging learning experience. Children are able to complete mathematical activities with children around the world! All activities are linked to the current National Curriculum objectives and is proven to significantly improve levels of attainment and progress when used regularly. Children in KS2 all have their own login for Mathletics to use both in school and at home. Year 6 children attend daily Mathletics club at 8:30am. 

Click the link below to sign in and get started!



Please can you ensure your child's weekly (Year 6 - daily) homework is completed and in school on time. If you have any questions, please see the class teacher. 

 Maths workshops

There are Maths workshops for each year group throughout the year. Please attend these workshops to find out more ways you can support your child. 


Take a look at some of wonderful Maths work:
In year 1 we have been using multiplication to solve maths problems. We counted in 2's to find out how tall the magic plant would be if it doubled in size each day.
In Year 5 we have been discussing the properties of a variety of 2-D shapes and working out the area and perimeter. We used our knowledge to play a game of 'Guess the Shape'. The children would have to ask questions about their shape but their partner could only respond with 'yes' and 'no' answers.
In Foundation 1 we enjoy maths. Have a look at some of the things we have been learning.
Children in Year 4 had to match properties of shape to the images which were placed around the school.  They focused on lines of symmetry and pairs of parallel lines.
The year 1 children have been making pictures using 2D shapes. Can you identify the shapes they have used? Can you work out how many corners and edges the shapes have?
Year 1 have been representing numbers in different ways and comparing them using language such as larger, most, smaller, less than and equal.