Modern Foreign Languages at Well Lane 

In this day and age with the amount of travelling people do, we wanted to give our children a flavour of a Modern Foreign Language.

We have a KS2 team that lead this area of the curriculum. We have chosen to focus on French.

The team meet regularly to discuss and review the MFL action plan. We use a range of resources but the planning is based on ‘Kapow’ French.

As we have changed our MFL curriculum in September 2019, we will all be following the Yr3 planning and will build on this and extend learning as the children move up through KS2.


Did you know…?

Before the French Revolution, can you believe that the French flag was a plain white flag! White is traditionally a sign of purity and strength.  On February 15, 1794, the tricolour was adopted as the official flag of France.

Why are there 3 colours making up the French flag?

White – this is the traditional colour of the Bourbon family. They ruled France from the late 16th century until the time of the French Revolution which lasted from 1789 until 1799.

Red and blue – the red and blue in the flag represent the colours of the city of Paris, which is of course the capital of France. They are known as ‘Pantone’ colours.


It is not known why the royal white – the colour of the Bourbon family – continued to appear in the flag after they were overthrown during the French Revolution.