At Well Lane Primary school, our children's safety is very important to us. We invited the NSPCC to our school to talk to the children about how to keep safe and how to contact them if necessary. They held an assembly for KS1 & KS2 and later held workshops with Years 5 & 6. 
The KS1 Assembly
The KS2 Assembly
Year 5 and 6 workshops
During the Year 5 and 6 workshops the children looked in much more detail at the different reasons for a child contacting the NSPCC and discussed a variety of issues that impact on them and their peers.  They worked in groups to answer a variety of questions regarding child safety and protection and were required to empathise with lots of different children in many compromising situations. Through discussions with both their classmates and the staff from the NSPCC the children were able to develop their ideas and opinions. At the end of the session each child received a booklet and were asked to name their trusted adults, places that make them feel safe and happy and any things that create a positive feeling. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the session!