School Council Interview

Members of our school council interviewed two of Well Lane's school Governors, Ms Humphries and Mr Leigh to learn a little more about them and what they do for our school.


Pupils had prepared a number of questions:

Do you have another job?

Mr Leigh replied that he goes into five other schools to help them improve their standards.  Ms Humphries replied that she is retired and does not have another job.

What decisions do you have to make?

Both governors said that they have to make decisions about how the school spends money and about health and safety for everybody and they both offer advice to Mrs Callaghan.

What rules do you make for our school?

The governors said some rules are written down by the government but the governors in school look at policies to help the pupils of our school.

Do you get paid?

Both governors said no they don’t get paid. Ms Humphries said it is a privilege to be involved. Mr Leigh said he likes to be part of the school family. Both governors liked being offered a coffee in school by the staff. Holly said that payment is ‘currency of knowledge’ Mr Leigh told a fact about light and the sun as a way of demonstrating acquiring knowledge.

What’s it like being a governor in our school?

The governors said it was a huge responsibility of care for children and staff.

Why is our school important to you?

They governors said they wanted to be part of a school family, they want the best for everybody, they want to help and feel proud. Both governors said that the pupils in Well lane were polite and well mannered.  Ms Humphries asked the councillors to pass on these remarks to every class.

Why did you become a governor?

Ms Humphries told us she was talked into being a governor by a colleague, but she has no regrets and loves this school.  Mr Leigh decided to be a governor so he could see things from a different side. Mrs Callaghan had phoned him and asked him to be a governor. He is enjoying it.  Ms Humphries has been a governor for three and a half years and Mr Leigh only recently became a governor.


The governors asked the pupils about Wally the attendance dog. Paige explained how each class earns the right to look after Wally by having the best attendance in school.

Mr Leigh asked about something he had seen in a classroom.   Carter explained the use of the Dojo. Mrs Clarke explained the program and how it could be used throughout school.

Jahmaine told the governors about the afternoon tea with Mrs Callaghan. He explained how children could earn the chance to take part in this activity. Pupils told the governors that this was for children who managed to be in silver zone many times.

Pupils talked about the litter picking in the community and our new playground.


This interview was typed by Paige McKenna Y5 School Councillor