School Uniform


In January 2019, we took over from the Tesco Uniform Embroidery service and have just successfully completed our first summer as a school wear provider to over 6,500 schools.

We are an online supplier giving parents an alternative option when it comes to buying school uniform.

The school receives a 5% cash donations on all orders placed.

Uniform is ethically sourced & embroidered in the UK

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The children are encouraged to wear school uniform as it looks smart and their home clothes do not get ruined. 

Boys wear grey trousers or shorts in the summer, a white polo shirt and a navy sweatshirt or jumper.

Girls wear a grey skirt , a white polo shirt and a navy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan.  In summer a blue/white dress can be worn. 

School sweatshirts with the Well Lane logo are available from Urban Design. 

PE Kits are essential for safety and hygiene reasons.  The children should wear navy shorts, a white T-shirt and pumps. These should be kept in school. 

Please ensure that all items of clothing are marked with your child's name.  Items of lost clothing can easily be returned if we know who it is belongs to.