Sports Clubs

After School Sports Clubs 2018-2019
All Clubs are booked through the school office via a signed conset form. Pupils must be collected from the office at 4.15pm by an adult unless parents have signed a letter to say they have permission to walk home alone. (Year5 or 6 only). 
Summer 1
KS2 badminton on Mondays
KS1 Summer sports on Wednesdays
Spring 2
KS2 handball on Wednesdays
KS1 dance on Thursdays
Spring 1
Ks2 Karate is on Mondays after school 3.15-4.15  until Monday 11th February. 
Gymnastics KS1 is on Wednesdays after school 3.15-4.15  until Wednesday 13th February. 
Autumn 2
Dodgeball Yrs 3/4  is on Mondays after school 3.15-4.15  from Monday 29/10/18 until  Monday 3/12/18 
Tag Rugby Yrs 5/6 is on Tuesdays after school 3.15-4.15  from Tuesday 30/10/18 until  Tuesday 4/12/18
Multiskills KS1 is on Wednesdays after school 3.15-4.15  from Wednesday 31/10/18 until Wednesday 12/12/18  
Autumn 1
Karate KS2 is on Mondays after school 3.15-4.15  from Monday 10/09/18 until  Monday 15/10/18 
Dance Club Yrs 1/2 is on Wednesdays after school 3.15-4.15 from Wednesday 12/09/18 until Wednesday