Useful websites with ideas and activities for home learning during the Coronavirus school closure

Tuesday 5th May
Here is a link to a site that is free to register, parents you can create a login for your child(ren).  There does seem to have been a huge demand so this may take a few days before it can be used.  Please be patient, it will be work it. Carol Vorderman is part of this maths site, here is the link:
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Newsletter Counts

Date: May 2020                                                                                                                                                            Issue: 02

Story Time Counts:

Book based learning at home and school
As schools and families across the country adapt to the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in, here at Literacy Counts we have thought about how else we can help – we have our FREE Home School Resources (see below and on our website here) and we have also just launched an exciting Book Based Learning program called Story Time Counts.

We’re hosting a series of beautiful stories being read aloud on the Literacy Counts YouTube channel, for families to enjoy together, from EYFS all the way through to year 6. You can access them through the Literacy Counts website here.  There is also a wealth of fun activities to download alongside the stories – for either at home or at school. One of the first stories is Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies – a brilliantly engaging tale about adventure and never wanting an exciting day to end. At the end of the story’s narration, Gareth Davies from Literacy Counts runs through a list of potential activities. Like taking your school bag and filling it with the things you might take to Grandad’s Island, or even building a den! We want to hear all about how you get on so share with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
The Literacy Counts team
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1: Story Time Counts

Book based learning at home and school


Beautiful stories to watch and enjoy at home and school.  These stories are accompanied by a wealth of free fun activities to engage at home or at school. 

Watch and Download: Download your FREE Story Time Counts: Book Based Learning resource for each of the stories and share with us some of the fantastic activities that you are doing.  There are activities here that can be used from EYFS all the way through to Year 6.  

Watch & Download story Pack here:

Enjoy, Read, Download, Share


2: Every Home Learning Pack Counts
Continue learning at home

Also, we have put together materials to support parents, carers and teachers to continue learning at home. We are committed to supporting and helping you in the event of longer-term closures. These exciting activities to support your children from Reception all the way through to Year 6.

A) Sentence Activity Counts
B) Reading Activity Counts
C) Writing Activity Counts
D) Spelling Activity Counts
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Literacy Counts

Alistair Bryce-Clegg (ABC Does) has lots of ideas and activities for home learning for children in EYFS. 



Weekly Bulletin No 3: Writing


 More advice and activities for parents:

Children’s writing competitions

Daily writing challenges and writing videos:

Ways to plan pieces of writing:

       Weekly Bulletin for Parents, Carers and Teachers     


No 2: Spelling

‘Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.’ ― Mark Twain
 This week’s bulletin from Literacy Counts is jam packed with spelling ideas for school and home.  Take a look below and bring a book to life with your children today.
  • Explore words using games and hands on activities so that spelling work is fun and interesting.
  • Multi-sensory approaches make for fun learning and can help your child to remember their spelling words.
  • The more your child can hear, see, and use a word, the more active it becomes in memory.
  • There are words on menus, street signs, film posters, and even t-shirts. Language is all around us and once children start to pay attention to what’s in their environment, they are more likely to pick up on correct spelling patterns from repeat exposure.
  • It is important to try and ensure learning in spelling is a positive experience to build self-esteem and confidence in this aspect of literacy.  Acknowledging that spelling can be very difficult for some children is really important.

Useful Reading Websites:
More advice and activities for parents:
Create wordsearches and puzzles by adding your spelling lists:
Spellings lists and conventions for each year group:
Interactive website to practice spelling and grammar:

Free Resources from Ros Wilson


A selection of resources from Ros to engage and entertain your kids at home during this difficult time.

Each week, we'll add some new resources to give your children a few different activities to do. From treasure hunts to a letter from grandma, we hope you get a little light relief and a bit of learning too. We'll have something new for you each Wednesday.
Click on the link below: