Visitor Comments 19-20

CAMHS TEAM - visitor response to working with our classes 
It was lovely being in school earlier, the teachers, classroom assistants, and children were very welcoming, engaging and helpful with lessons. We happened to get chatting with your Mental Health LA’s in the staffroom, they’re fantastic and obviously very dedicated and experienced. You can tell that your school keep Wellbeing central to everything which can sometimes get lost in the many, many things you need to balance (especially in covid-19 times)!  
John Uriel - HMRC Ambassador
I liked that the pupils were respectful and polite, and attentive.
Rebecca Raffo HMRC - Tax Facts Ambassador
Very impressed at good behaviour, very respectful children. intelligent questions asked and I enjoyed my day. Made welcome by staff, thank you. Hope to return another year. 
Police Officers 2272 and 0054 visited today. We had lots of great questions and enjoyed time with years 1-6.
We hope to return soon!
"As a visiting Road Safety Officer of Wirral Council, I found the children of Year 6 an exceptional group. Their listening skills were fabulous and their participation excellent.Well Done. Keep Safe"
Colette Power - Road Safety Officer 
Parents feedback on the school :
The teachers my son has are amazing, very comforting and caring.  100% trust them
Teachers always happy to answer any questions and concerns.  Introduce extra curricular activities for younger ages, if possible? Parent said they could be more organised themselves
Maintain my child's attendance and punctuality
Too many 'best bits' to mention - family orientated
It's all good
Good all over school
School administration and activities are well organised from what I have seen since my son joined the school in September.  Still continue with good communications and receiving feedback from parents.  Encourage my child and work together with the teachers
Great teaching staff
Supporting pupil in partnership with L.A.  Continue making it a welcome place for children to want to come
Best bits - the staff
Best bits - the atmosphere and able to speak to teachers
There's support for the children if they need extra help.  Keep communication open between us.  Feedback on any upsets at home and school, or between children
Excellent record keeping and communication
It has a great atmosphere and approach to learning.  Better communication to parents with kids across two families (eg letters going to both names).  Not had a problem with attendance despite commuting from Moreton for the past year but understand problems occurring with siblings in different schools or nursery.
Very supportive and helpful
Communication between staff members will make Well Lane even better
It has a good reputation, my child is happy going there.  I will keep bringing my child in on time and everyday
Best bits - small school and single classes.  More involvement/interaction between staff and parents.  More trips, extra things for more able pupils
Attendance - to make sure the kids are up in time
There has been no mention of being bullied since they have started
Workshops, as I am able to watch my children learn
Small classes, friendly teachers
Some sort of app/online payment method for snacks, etc would make Well Lane even better
Best bits - outdoor play area
Support from school and happy atmosphere and keeping us informed as is currently happening
New to the school - made to feel very welcome
Best bits - Maths.  More information on my child's progress/struggles would make Well Lane even better
Welcoming and really well organised.  Consistent and regular updates and messages to be sent to both parents on the messaging apps.
My child is very happy here.  Put more on the E-schools app to make Well Lane even better
Staff are accommodating and supportive.  My child looks forward to going to school each day.  Regarding attendance, eating healthy and keeping them warm to fight colds and coughs which can make they stay at home
Support received from teachers if have any concerns
Small/friendly.  Would love to see more on Twitter or class page and more trips.  My child loves the rewards
Best bits - everything
My child enjoys all the activities they offer.  I think more school trips.   Only to keep my child off if really ill?
Rainbow room is the best bit!
The support given to both girls is amazing
My child enjoys coming to school and enjoys activities
My child enjoys coming to school every day
Great atmosphere, friendly staff and pupils.  Keep up with communication
Best bits - children coming out and telling me about their day.  Well Lane is a great school, nothing needs to be better.  I just need to encourage my children to get up a little bit earlier and out of the house by 8am to catch the bus
Relationships between pupils and teachers are the best bits.  Mr Lamb is cool
Best bits - support given to my daughter
Staff/atmosphere/care giving support as well as education.  Continue to communicate to make Well Lane even better
Class teacher rapport with my children  Develop a PTA to make Well Lane even better
Staff communicate well with parents.  My children attend school even if they are feeling a bit 'under the weather' it can take their mind off it, only off with sickness or diarrhoea.  Every parent should try their best to get them in, it helps to see friends sometimes
It's another safe place (2nd family).  I have gladly been a part of it for nearly 15 years.  School has helped myself by allowing my child to attend breakfast club once a week so I can go to work early as I have college from work
Interactions/always looking to help
Best bits are the teachers and staff
Best bits - communication with parents
Best bits - I know I can come in and speak to a member of staff at any time
The teachers are great, keep it up, Thank you
The best bits are the staff here and Well Lane is the best school and I love how my son is progressing.  Just keep doing what you're doing as a school
I like that it is just one class per year
Friendly staff and teachers
Teachers and standard of teaching - best bits.  Continue building parent partnerships
Well Lane work hard to get the children within their target.  Help at home more and make learning fun could make Well Lane even better.  I need to make sure that children get to school on time
I had a very hard time since my son's younger brother was born and staff and teachers have been very supportive and helpful at a hard time. More Government funding for schools and social services/mental health.  This school is doing its best with lack of funds like most but go above and beyond to what they can help with.  I appreciate the help from Well Lane staff that they had available.