Welcome to Breakfast Club


We are called ‘The Well Starters’ because we believe we start well with a healthy breakfast at Well Lane.

Our vision

Our breakfast club will be child centred, inclusive and fun. It will enable its members to make confident choices about a healthy balanced diet, and will offer them opportunities to learn new things and try out lots of different activities. The club will contribute to the overall aims of the school by not only offering a starting point for teaching about health and life skills, but also offering opportunities for physical activity, help with homework and other curriculum-related activities.

Our aims and goals

Well Lane’s School Breakfast Club has been set up to provide pupils from F2 to Year 6 enrolled in the school with a safe and fun place to start their school day. This has been made possible with the support of funding from the Greggs Foundation and Typhoo Tea and at this time is free of charge to all children. Breakfast Club is also supported by the school by way of pupil premium funding.

Each morning, in accordance with the school’s healthy eating ethos, a nutritious breakfast is provided under the supervision of qualified staff. The children are encouraged to wash their hands, choose their food, talk together at the breakfast table and then tidy away their dishes. Our aim is that our breakfast replicates as far as possible the atmosphere of a family meal. At the end of the session, the children are well-fed, happy and ready to learn.


Our Menu


We offer:

  • Selection of whole wheat cereals with semi-skimmed milk
  • Porridge
  • Toasted white and wholemeal bread with low fat spreads and choices of jam, lemon curd and honey
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Milk (semi skimmed) or water
  • Regular themed breakfasts


Our Team

Each morning your child will receive a warm from welcome from Mrs Brewster, Mrs Parry, Mrs Ormond, Miss Tait, Mrs Mulrooney and Mr Ledsom. All our team are first aid trained.



As well as a healthy breakfast we offer:

  • Board games
  • Sports activities
  • Morning ‘Move it’ dance to energise our bodies
  • Reading                                                              
  • ICT games
  • Homework help
  • Circle time games



Please call to our office and ask for an application form. Please note at this time there is a waiting list.