Year 1

Welcome to year 1
Our teacher is Mrs Hall and our teaching assistant is Miss Jones.
We work hard in year 1 and have lots of fun too!
PE is on a Monday, please make sure you have a kit in school.
Staff will listen to children read throughout the week so it is important that reading books are in school daily.
Homework is an important part of our learning, as well as daily reading an activity will be sent home related to what we have been learning in class each Friday. Please complete this activity and return it to school before the following Wednesday.
We love reading in year 1 and will share many wonderful stories throughout the year. We will visit our local library and choose stories to share. Our class author is Julia Donaldson, we will be listening to and talking about her books together.
Year 1 have had a canopy built, we can now go outdoors whatever the weather. 
In our topic lessons we have been learning about Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon.
During the Summer term our science topic is plants. We started by looking to see what plants grow in our school grounds then back in the classroom made observational drawings of bluebells.
The year 1 children have been using their senses in science. They had great fun using their sense of touch to try to identify different materials. Some of them got a bit messy!
The year 1 outdoor area is an exciting place to be. We have a small pond which is home to lots of water snails, we hope some frogs will visit in the Spring. Our mud kitchen is a great place to cook up a treat for friends, cakes and pies decorated with leaves are always on the menu! Our water wall is very popular, we love using the large brushes to paint with water and watching the water travel down the gutters and pipes. We have been composing our own music, tapping out rhythms on the pots and pans and having a wonderful time in the music area. We love learning outside and like to go out whatever the weather.
We are always busy in year 1. There are lots of different learning areas in our classroom that help us to develop different skills as well as being fun.
Hi-Impact worked with the year 1 children to develop skills in programing. They used the ipads to control a blue-bot around a route and learnt how to give commands.
We have made a superhero gym in the outdoor area. We enjoy doing the keep fit challenges and thinking of challenges for our friends. 
Year 1 invited the parents into the classroom to join in with a phonic session. We enjoyed showing them how we learn to read and write.
In RE we have been thinking about different celebrations and how we prepare for them. Click the link to watch a clip about getting ready for Christmas.
In RE we have been finding out about different celebrations. To celebrate Chinese New Year we made lanterns to decorate our classroom.
We love reading in year 1 and really enjoyed visiting Rock Ferry library. We listened to a story and found out how to find different books. Jan the librarian told us that we can borrow books and take them back to school. We all picked a book and took them back to class. We are looking forward to sharing the stories as a class.
We have been observing a fish in our science lessons. We were trying to find out how they were similar to humans. We discovered that fish have eyes and a mouth like us but they don't have fingers! 
We have been looking at a range of different animals and classifying them into groups ( reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and fish) We made models of animals using play dough and displayed them in the correct group. 
We have been finding out about materials and their properties in Science.  We investigated which material would make the best rain coat. Together we planned and carried out a simple test which helped us to find out which materials were waterproof and which let water pass through.
In DT we have been making moving pictures using sliding mechanisms and pivots. The spaceman moves through space in our pictures using a pivot.
Looking for mini beasts in the Eco garden
Making moving pictures in a DT lesson. Can you make the rocket zoom across the sky using a sliding mechanism?
We've been busy planting seeds for our outdoor classroom.
Measuring weight, length and capacity in maths. 
We have been listening to and performing poems in our English lessons. Watch us perform 'Hand on the Bridge' by Michael Rosen.
In year 1 we have been identifying the wild plants that grow in our school grounds.
Well done to all of the clever year 1 children who got 10/10 in the spelling quiz.
We have really enjoyed sharing the story 'The Bog Baby'. The story is about two girls who find a bog baby, they love it so much but when it becomes sick they know they need to do the right thing no matter how much it hurts them.
We have been busy in our maths lessons this term learning new skills and using them to solve everyday maths problems.
The children in year 1 have been working so hard to learn the story of Lila and the secret of rain. We have used a story map and actions to help us remember the story sequence. 
Year 1 and 2 spent the afternoon at Barnstondale Activity Centre. They had great fun taking part in relay races, dancing and learning karate moves. 
We have been learning about adjectives in our English lessons. Some of the children came up with ideas to say what may have frightened a character in our shared story. They tried hard to think of adjectives to describe the scary things and put their ideas together to create a list poem.
The children in year 1 went on a class trip to West Wirral Works. They used a computer to design a picture to go on the front of teddy's t-shirt. The design was then printed onto a special paper and transfered using a hot iron press onto a t-shirt. Everyone got their own teddy to take home.
In our English lessons we have been finding out about worms. We have been observing worms in our class worm farm which has inspired a lot of writing. 
In science we have been finding out about different animals and have been sorting them into groups.
This week we have been learning about 3D shapes in our maths lessons.
Carrie from Chester zoo came in to talk to the children about nocturnal animals. She had lots of interesting artefacts like bats fur, a stuffed owl and lots of feathers.
Year 1 children have been creating art work in the style of Kandinsky.