Year 1

Welcome to year 1
Please visit our class page regularly to find out what we are learning
During the Summer term the children in year 1 will be finding out about explorers. They will learn about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong during topic lessons and will share books linked to the topic in English. In art they will be joining materials together to make a weaving and in DT they will be investigating moving pictures. Science lessons will focus on plants and we will be planting seeds and growing plants throughout the term. In maths we will be revisiting addition and subtraction and learning about multiplication and division. Our phonics lessons will be helping us to prepare for the phonics screening test and revising the sounds we already know. PE will continue to be every Tuesday so please ensure you have a full kit in school.
We have been using the lap tops to create a document about the moon landing. We selected the font and added pictures. We saved our work and printed it out too.
We have been making moving pictures in our DT lessons. 
The year one children have been looking at the the plants growing around school and trying to identify them.
Using the new desk top computers to create a document
The children came in this morning to find a penguin in the classroom!
They all agreed that it must be lost so they have been writing questions to try and find out more about the mysterious visitor.
The year 1 children have been busy this term designing and making a new vehicle for Barnaby Bear. Today the final touches were made to to the vehicles adding paint and details such as lights and mirrors.
We have been ordering numbers in our maths lessons.
We have used the iPads to create artwork in the style of Kandinsky.
We have been learning to solve subtraction problems using practical equipment,we are very clever at recording the calculations.
We have been using watercolours and digital media to create self portraits. Can you guess who is in the pictures?
We have been using part whole models in maths to find numbers that add together to make different amounts.
We have been reading the book ' The Bog Baby'. 
Before we read the story we predicted what a bog baby may be like, we made some models and introduced them to the class.
We have been studying our local area as part of our geography topic. The children planned a route on a map and walked around the local area identifying places on the map such as the park, the shops and the church. Back in class we discussed what we liked about the local area and how we think it could be improved.
In maths we have been comparing numbers.
Listen to the year 1 children retell their favourite part of the story 'Emily Brown and The Thing'
We've been creating some see in the dark glasses to help us have lots of night time adventures like the characters in our story.
The year 1 children have been finding out about sharks by reading the book 'Surprising Sharks'.
They worked as a class to come up with ideas for a poem about sharks. Watch them perform the poem.
We have been looking at our local area. We found out that some children live close to school and some live further away. We identified the shops and parks around school and labeled a map.
We had a visit from a dentist who told us how important it is to look after our teeth. We found out how sugar can damage teeth and the importance of brushing twice a day.
We wrote our own jellyfish poem inspires by Michael Rosen and performed it as a whole  class
We have been finding out about life in Bangladesh. We listened to a story called 'The Golden Fish' and created our own fish using collage. 
What a lot of fun we had at the disco! Everyone had a great time showing off their moves and dancing to the music.
We read a book to find out about ostriches, we then worked in groups to write down as many facts as we could remember. Some of us didn't know anything about the ostrich before the lesson but now we can tell you lost of facts!
" They don't fly' Jaydon
' They can run very fast' Layla
' They are the biggest bird' Oliver
We have been using a range of media to create lines and shapes in art. We have looked at art work by the artist Kandinsky and used his work to to inspire our own art work.
Enjoying a book in our reading area 
We have been finding out about Llandudno and comparing to our local area.
”there are mountains around Llandudno but not in Tranmere”
”Llandudno is by the seaside and people go there on holiday not many people go on holiday in Tranmere”
” we can get to Llandudno in the car it’s not far away” 
Are all our hands the same? That’s what the year 1 children have been trying to find out in science. They decided to measure and compare hand spans.
The year 1 children have been using their sense of taste to sort the crisps into different flavours.
We had great fun in science naming and comparing the different parts of the human body. Alfie was an excellent model standing really still whilst we labeled him!
Have you seen our drawings in the playground? 
We have been thinking about the seasons in year 1 this week. Why do we need a coat in Winter? Why don't we wear a woolly hat in the summer?
We have been learning how to program a bee bot to make it travel around a route.
We have been enjoying listening to the story 'Emily Brown and The Thing', blue group worked hard to sequence the events in one of the adventures in the story.
After reading lots of books Year 1 children are shark experts!
We have decided to share our new knowledge by writing a report about sharks. Watch us rehearse our report using a story map.
The year 1 children have been sorting and counting in maths this week. They came up with many different ways we could sort objects and were able to count how many in each group.
Visit from Reverend Jane - 10.10.18
To consolidate our learning of the importance of hands in RE, we invited Reverend Jane Parry in to speak to us about how special our hands are and how they can be used in church. She shared with us some ways in which people may use their hands and we can pray in many different ways. The children were very enthusiastic and had lots of questions for Jane!