Year 1

Welcome to year 1
Our teachers is Mrs Hall 
Happy New year! In year 1 we are looking forward to a very busy Spring term. We will be finding out about the UK, naming the four countries and visiting different cities. We will be reading Where the Wild Things Are and writing our own recounts and stories. 
PE is on a Monday and will be taught by Miss Warwick, please ensure you have a full PE kit in school.
We love to read in year 1 and will be sharing many stories across the year to help us become good writers. The children will have daily phonics lesson and will read in small groups with an adult. 
Check our web page regularly to find out what we have been learning.
In our DT lessons we have been finding out about healthy eating and have designed a healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie. We have tasted a range of fruit and vegetables and have chosen our top three flavours to combine in our own smoothies.
We've been subtracting in maths.
We told number stories to help us solve take away problems.
First there were 5 biscuits
Mrs Hall ate 3
Now there are 2
We used counters to help us work this out.
Using a range of media to create autumn floor drawings in art.
In maths we have been comparing addition sums using language such as equal, greater than and less than.
The year 1 children have been learning how to control a beebot 
In art we have been discovering the different ways to use charcoal. We worked on large paper in the hall making different marks.
We have been using story language to retell the story of Black Rock
Each week the children are set challenges to complete during independent learning time. 
In our geography lessons we have been making messy maps of the classroom using drawings and found objects.
Today we visited Rock Ferry Library to listen to some Christmas stories. We really enjoyed the story about Sproutzilla!
In our history lessons we have been finding out about the toys children played with long ago. We looked at a collection of toys and sorted them into old and new.
As scientists we have been using our senses to try and identify the flavour of crisps. It was a tricky job but by using our sense of taste and smell we were able to match the labels to the party plates.
In phonics we've been learning vowel sounds. We've played lots of games to help us to remember the different graphemes.
In our science lessons we have been learning about the human body. We labelled a life size drawing to show all the different body parts.
We have written and performed our own poem inspired by Michael Rosen's poem ' Jellyfish'
We have been learning how to control a beebot in the outdoor area.
We took it in turns to be a beebot and follow the instructions given by the controller to move around the playground.
We have been observing the weather in year 1. We have been finding out about weather symbols and writing our own weather reports. We will monitor the weather at different times of the year to observe seasonal changes.
During our science lessons we have been outside looking for signs that autumn is here.
We have been using practical equipment and number tracks to work out 1 more and 1 less than a number within ten.
The children have been looking at maps of the local area, they located the school and places that are close to the school.
" Victoria Park is close to our school" ( Theo)
" I don't live by school, I live far away" ( Bobby)
" There's the library, its not far away" ( Ruby)