Year 1

Well done to Bobby and Michael for completing the science quiz!
Keep checking the page as I will be adding new quizzes regularly.
During school closures Collins Connect are giving access to their online reading books. These are the reading books we read in school. 
use the link below
user name:
Password: Parents20!
Well done Bobby for doing the maths quiz!
log on as student and enter room HALL9435
Try the new science quiz.
I have set up a maths quiz on the following website
To enter the virtual classroom log on as a student and use the room code HALL9435
I will add a quiz regularly to cover different topics.
Dear Year 1 children
During this strange time when you are staying safe at home there are lots of fun things you can do to keep busy. I will upload links to websites and activities regularly so keep checking our class page. Enjoy this time doing things and learning as a family. I've created a list of possible activities for you to try.
  • Keep a diary 
  • Colour a picture
  • Bake a cake
  • Create an indoor scavenger hunt
  • play a bored game
  • take part in online workouts ( cosmic kids, go noodle)
  • Make a den
  • Watch a film
  • Read a book
  • blow some bubbles
  • Write and perform a short play
Remember it's really important to stay indoors as much as you can. Keep busy and I will see you all very soon.
Mrs Hall 
Mrs Hall is so proud of all of the year 1 children who have been working hard at home.
Year 1 artists have been looking really closely at feathers and drawing them using different media. The writing pens and oil pastels worked really well!
Making sculptural birds was a lot of fun! The tricky part was getting them to stand up.
In maths we have been representing teen numbers in different ways. We are learning to partition a number into tens and ones.
Year 1 scientists have been classifying animals and comparing the structure of common animals. The children really enjoyed the visit to Chester Zoo where they were able to see the animals and discover some new ones.
In our DT lessons we have been finding out about healthy eating and have designed a healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie. We have tasted a range of fruit and vegetables and have chosen our top three flavours to combine in our own smoothies.
We've been subtracting in maths.
We told number stories to help us solve take away problems.
First there were 5 biscuits
Mrs Hall ate 3
Now there are 2
We used counters to help us work this out.
Using a range of media to create autumn floor drawings in art.
In maths we have been comparing addition sums using language such as equal, greater than and less than.
The year 1 children have been learning how to control a beebot 
In art we have been discovering the different ways to use charcoal. We worked on large paper in the hall making different marks.
We have been using story language to retell the story of Black Rock
Each week the children are set challenges to complete during independent learning time. 
In our geography lessons we have been making messy maps of the classroom using drawings and found objects.
Can you find out about London?
Where is it?
How could we travel there?
What famous buildings can we see?
How is it similar/ different to our local area?
Present your information however you wish, you could make a poster, a report, a leaflet or even make a video!
Join Maddie Moate each day at 11.30 to take part in online science lessons or watch them anytime on youtube.
There are lots of books to read online at epic kids.
You will need to create an account but it's free and gives you access to lots of books to share at home.
Keep working on your phonics by visiting
username- march20
password- home

In the event of school closing or the need for self-isolation, individual learning packs will be sent home. Every child should also be reading on a daily basis.

I will add more work and updates on this page, if absence from school is extended for any reason, so keep checking in.

 For any children who are off, if someone is able to come into school, there are learning packs waiting for you in the school office.

I hope you all stay safe and well and look forward to seeing you on your return


Year 1 Fun Facts
Can you learn these facts for our class quiz?
  1. London is the capital of England
  2. The River Thames flows through London
In our DT lessons we have been investigating how to attach wheels to an axle. 
Well done to Alfie, Daniel and Jacey for creating wonderful vehicles for Barnaby Bear as part of their homework.
We've been comparing objects in maths using words such as more than, less than and equal to. 
We've been inspired by the artist Kandinsky and have been creating spiral art using chalks and oil pastels on a large and small scale.
Today we visited Rock Ferry Library to listen to some Christmas stories. We really enjoyed the story about Sproutzilla!
In our history lessons we have been finding out about the toys children played with long ago. We looked at a collection of toys and sorted them into old and new.
As scientists we have been using our senses to try and identify the flavour of crisps. It was a tricky job but by using our sense of taste and smell we were able to match the labels to the party plates.
In phonics we've been learning vowel sounds. We've played lots of games to help us to remember the different graphemes.
In our science lessons we have been learning about the human body. We labelled a life size drawing to show all the different body parts.
We have written and performed our own poem inspired by Michael Rosen's poem ' Jellyfish'
We have been learning how to control a beebot in the outdoor area.
We took it in turns to be a beebot and follow the instructions given by the controller to move around the playground.
We have been observing the weather in year 1. We have been finding out about weather symbols and writing our own weather reports. We will monitor the weather at different times of the year to observe seasonal changes.
During our science lessons we have been outside looking for signs that autumn is here.
We have been using practical equipment and number tracks to work out 1 more and 1 less than a number within ten.
The children have been looking at maps of the local area, they located the school and places that are close to the school.
" Victoria Park is close to our school" ( Theo)
" I don't live by school, I live far away" ( Bobby)
" There's the library, its not far away" ( Ruby)