Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class page! 
P.E will be on a Tuesday this term so please ensure all children have their P.E kits in school.
Spellings will be handed out on a Monday to be learnt for the following Friday when the children will be tested. Maths homework will also be given out on a Monday and expected back the following Friday. If your child requires any help or has lost the homework please come and see me. 
Children are expected to read every night to ensure they make the best possible progress. Children who read every night will become the class reading stars. 
Our topic this term is 'Beside the Seaside', keep an eye on our class page for regular updates on what we have been learning. 
Miss Fearon and Mrs Luximon
Summer term
Science - April
In Science we are looking at plants and trees. We went outside to look at the different trees on our playground. We all chose a tree and drew it adding labels for all the different parts. We loved going outside in the sunshine and adding detail to our drawings. 
Year 2 celebrated the end of their SATs with ice lollies and games outside. We had a great time!
Summer - History & ICT
We have been looking at Seaside holidays in the past and we used Book Creator on the Ipads to make our own information books.
We loved having our families in for lunch today.
July 2019
As part of Health and Physical week Year 2 have been looking at the amount of sugar in drinks. We couldn't believe how much sugar is in a Capri Sun and a Fruitshoot. Did you know there was 12 teaspoons of sugar in a Yazoo milkshake? 
July 2019
Year 2 tried very hard during a circuit this week. We all tried different activities and worked hard.
Autumn term
December 2018
In our topic we have been looking at Australia and as part of our art lessons we have been looking at Aboriginal art. We had a go at making our own artwork using paint. Here's some of our paintings.
In English we have been reading 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. We have been thinking about how the Princess feels throughout the story. We used Chatter Kids to help us express how she felt. 
Listen to some of our videos below. 
Pizza Express
Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Pizza Express where they got to make their own pizzas. This followed on from their Design Technology lessons where they have researched and designed pizzas. In English they have learnt about instructional writing and have wrote their own instructions on how to make a pizza. We had a lovely day out and all enjoyed our pizzas. 
Before we go on our trip to Pizza Express we have been testing bread to see which is the best kind to use to make a pizza. We spoke about the importance of washing our hands before touching food. Here we are trying the different breads - we loved them!
We have been learning about the Great Fire of London in our History lessons. We have created a collage of a scene in London during the fire. 
Year 2 have been looking at materials and their properties. We looked at different materials and made predictions about which materials we thought would let light through.
In year 2 we have been practising writing our capital letters correctly.
We have been reading the book 'The Puffin Book of fantastic first poems' and we have made our own version of a famous poem called ' A busy day'. We added actions and have been practicing how to perform a poem. 
We used the I-pads to research the different famous landmarks in Australia.
Spring term
Maths - January 2019
In year 2 we have been using our arithmetic skills to follow a maths hunt around our new classroom. We enjoyed working with our partners to complete the challenge.
Art - February 2019
Take a look at some of our fantastic art work inspired by the African sunset. We used different techniques to achieve the silhouette style pictures. You can see some of our art work in the window outside our classroom. 
English - February 2019
We have been looking at non-fiction books in English this week. We used our books from the Wirral Library Service to research about African animals and their habitats. We worked with our partners and used the contents pages to find the information we needed. We have loved learning lots of new facts about animals.
Did you know elephants have big ears, so they can flap them and cool themselves down?
Art - February 2019
We worked together as a class to produce this textiles piece of art work. As part of our safari topic we looked at different animal prints. We then cut out our initial and chose a animal print to sew it on to. We loved sewing and want to do more of it! Mrs Parry kindly put all our individual pieces together to make one fantastic wall hanging, it certainly brightens up our room. Thank you Mrs Parry! 
Maths - February 2019
In maths we have been looking at shape. We chose a 3d shape, counted how many sides it had, measured the sides using a ruler to make sure all the sides were the same and then we built our own 3d shape. 
Maths - March 2019
In maths we have been working as part of a team to sort 3D shapes. We thought of lots of different ways to sort the shapes into a Venn diagram.
English - March 2019
We have been reading the story of The Snail and the Whale. We have thought about the characters and their feelings. We wrote some speech bubbles in our books and then practiced reading our own writing using Chatter Pix. 
Maths - March 2019
In Maths we have been looking at telling the time. We went outside and used chalk and natural resources to make our own clocks. We all used our imagination and thought of lots of different ways we could make clocks outside. 
Art - March 2019
We have continued working on our masks this week and painted them with influence from animal print. 
Maths - March 2019
We have been looking at fractions this week in maths and on Friday we have practised answering questions about fractions by completing a treasure hunt in the hall. We worked with our partners to work out the answers to all of the questions.
Art - March 2019
We designed our African mask and to prepare our mask, so we can paint them we covered them with 'Plaster of Paris'. We loved getting messy!