Year 2

A big welcome back!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to learn!
Our topic this term is 'Going on safari' which focuses on the continent of Africa, and the country of Kenya.
P.E is every Wednesday so please ensure that P.E kits are in school. 
Homework will be handed out every Friday so please ensure they are completed for the following week. Children are also expected to read each night. 
Mr Salisbury & Mrs McHugh
Today in maths we investigated odd & even numbers. We realised even numbers had be divisible by 2. 
Today in maths we worked in pairs to divide using a number line, we are becoming more confident in sharing large numbers. 
As we are ending our topic on Hinduism, we had an Indian inspired party in year 2! We listened to Indian music, dressed up in traditional Hindu dress and even sampled some Indian food.  
In Science, we have started learning about habitats. We looked at things that are alive, dead or have never lived.
As part of our R.E topic we have been learning about Diwali, the 'festival of lights'. The children learnt why and how Diwali is celebrated and made festive lamps. 
As part of our Phonics work we have one longer lesson during the week. During this lesson the children consolidate what they have learned in the week.
In R.E we learned why cows hold such importance in Hinduism. We created clay models and painted them using bright colours.
In year 2 we have been creating algorithms to guide Alex the robot. Soon we will begin adding repeat commands for Alex!
In Art we have been experimenting with different materials to try and create boats that float! The children really enjoyed making them!
Today in Computing we improved our coding by making Daisy the dinosaur move across the screen. We used 'repeat' and 'when' commands in our coding. 
In Maths we have been learning about counting money. Today we made certain amounts using coins and notes. 
In Maths we created a shop with different priced items. We used many different methods to add one and two digit numbers. 
This term in D.T we have been looking at different food groups and the use of sugar in our food and drink. We looked at different fizzy drinks to see how much sugar they contained and also sorted different food in to the five different food groups. We spoke about how important it was to have a balanced diet.
In History we have been looking at the events of the Great fire of London. We created a mini timeline of events using ICT.
During our Art lessons we learned about primary colours and how to mix them to make additional colours. We used this to complete a colour wheel. 
During R.E lessons, we have been learning about Hindusim. As part of our lessons we have learned about 'Puja' which is how Hindu's pray. In our class we have constructed a Hindu shrine as part of this.