Year 2 Science Club

Science Club
Every Monday night during Autumn 2, Year 2 meet for science club.
Have a look below at some of the exciting things we have been doing.
Week 1 - Divers
We made a diver and had to work out how to make it move up and down in the bottle.
The children found out that by pressing the sides of the bottle the diver moved down and releasing it the diver floated back up.
Week 2 Bridges
This week the children had to work in teams to design and build a bridge with only lolli sticks and masking tape.
All three teams worked hard and tackled the challenge in different ways.  Lots of trial and error to find solutions to problems they came across alon the way.
All three groups managed to build a bridge to allow cars to pass over.
Week 3  Magnets
We started off finding different materials that the magnet would attract to within the classroom.  
We explored magnets in toys and how the magnets attracted or repelled each other to make the toy train to move as if by magic.
Each child then designed a maze and used their magnet to move a magnetic object around the maze without touching it.