Year 3

We have now set up a email account for you to send in any photographs, questions you may have or examples of work. I'll be able to have a look at what fantastic work you've been up to and I will be able to show your friends on this page.
The email is:
I can't wait to see some of the exciting things you've all been doing, I miss you all!
New Socrative quiz (Science) - 17.6.2020
I have set up a new quiz all about the different books we have read in Year 3!
You can access it on the following website:
To enter the virtual classroom log on as a student and use the room code FEARON3481
I will add a quiz regularly to cover different topics.
12.5.2020 -  Fantastic Eyva, Blossom, Madison, Savanna, Thomas J and Keira for taking part in the Ancient Egyptian quiz!
28.4.2020 - Wow! Well done Jacob, Blossom, Eyva, Thomas J, Keira, Leighton, Orla and Madison for doing the Maths quiz!
23.4.2020 - Well done Madison, Eyva, Blossom, Ruby and Thomas for going on the Science quiz!
2.4.2020 - Well done Blossom, Eyva and Thomas for going on the Geography quiz and getting 100%
Geography: Volcanos (17/6/20200
Have a look at the video below and learn all about volcanoes. 
Can you make your own volcano? You can even make it erupt. There's instructions below on how to do it.
History: Roman Britain (11/6/2020)
Have a go at learning about Roman Britain by watching this video:
How about having a go at some of the activities: make your own Boudicca WANTED poster or a comic strip about how the Romans conquered Britain. You could even have a go at making a Roman shield.
Geography: weather (2/6/2020)
Have a look at this video. What can you learn about the weather? Can you make a booklet or a poster about the weather.
Science: Friction (20/5/2020)
Take a look at this video and learn all about the force of friction. Play the game at the bottom of the page and then have a go at the toy car investigation. See if your predictions are right!
Please send me photos of your finished castles to:
Design Technology: Structures - Castles (14.5.2020)
Our Design Technology project this term is all about structures. I would like you to have a go at designing and making a castle. There are lots of videos online about castles and the different features they have.
I have added some photos of examples below. 
Please send me photos of your finished castles to:
BBC Bitesize: writing a diary (14.5.2020)
This lesson teaches you about how to write a diary entry. Watch the clip, have a go at some of the activities and then maybe you could write your own diary entry about what you have been up to (Year 3 Lockdown diaries)
You can send me any photographs of your work, I'd love to see your diary entries.
Email your work to:
Research activity - 12.5.2020
In year 3 we love to research about different topics. Our new topic this term is Britain through the ages.
Can you research about the Stone age? What can you find out? When was it? Where did they live? How did they live? What did they eat?
Use the BBC Bitesize clips below to help you!
Present your information however you wish, you could make a poster, a report, a leaflet or even download pic-collage and make a poster on that!
Take a photograph of your project and email it to:
I will be able to see some of your amazing work and I'll post some of the photos on here, so your friends can see!
BBC Bitesize: daily lessons - 29.4.2020
I would like you to take part in a topic lesson on BBC Bitesize (I’ve posted the link below). This lesson introduces our new topic - Prehistoric Britain. You will need to watch the two videos and then there are 2 activities to complete - don’t worry you don't need to print anything out to do these activities.
You will also see many other activities on BBC Bitesize which are aimed at Year 3 so have a browse and maybe try out some of them! They upload 3 new videos every day!
This video carries on from the last Stone Age video. It looks at what life was like to live in the Stone Age. Watch the video and have a go at some of the activities. There are some craft ideas on the page (I know you all love making crafts.)
Here's a new video on BBC Bitesize linked to our topic. This time it is looking at a famous monument linked to the Stone Age. Watch the videos and have a go at the activity before making a fact file about Stonehenge. 
Sumdog - 11.5.2020
I have created some new Maths, grammar and spelling challenges on Sumdog which you can now go on. You can play lots of fun games in between challenging yourself with some questions. 
The link to access the login page on the site it:
I have emailed Sumdog logins to all parents / carers, if we have an updated email address, if not I have posted it out to you.
30.4.2020 - Amazing work from Thomas J, Ruby, Alfie B and Oliver! You have all spent more than 100 minutes on Sumdog. Well done! I am so proud of you!
4.52020 - Well done Ruby, Alfie B, Leighton, Eyva,  Keira, Emily, Jacob, Grace, Thomas J, Madison, Oliver, Carter, Rocco, Nate, Travis, Blossom and Finley for logging on to Sumdog! I have added some new challenges. Good luck!
Please take a look at the mindful activities below. 
Wow! Look at some of the work I've been sent from children in Year 3! It looks like you've all been keeping busy. I love getting emails from you all.
Remember to send any photos of work you have done to the new Year 3 email:
Hi Year 3
Whilst school is shut all children should be getting on with their work packs and online activities. Every child should also be reading on a daily basis and going onto different online apps and websites at home.


Emile (online game) - 9.4.2020

The school has signed up to an exciting FREE app/online game! It includes various games including grammar, phonics and maths. The levels get harder as pupils progress and it comes with a friend - Emile - to look after and customise with coins gained during the games. Below is a PDF letter explaining how to access the game.

We look forward to seeing who uses it.
23.4.2020 - Well done to Emily, Grace, Blossom and Madison for going on Emile. I have uploaded 6 new activities - have a go at them this week and see if you can gain more coins!
Oak Academy: daily lessons - 11.5.2020
This week have a go at some of the fabulous lessons provided by the Oak National Academy.
There are lots of online lessons that cover the Year 3 curriculum and require no printing, three new lessons are uploaded daily. 

Timestable Rockstars:

 Children all should know their login or they are on their school reading records.


Children can also use their TT Rockstars login to sign into NumBots.

White Rose Maths - 14.4.2020 

The website is organising online training videos and activities for you to use at home. This is going to be an EXTREMELY valuable resource to use at home with your child. Please visit the following link to access the materials to support your child’s home learning.

At 10.00am every week day there will a new video for each year group.

  • Watch the video
  • Try the questions
  • Tweet your solution or ask questions

Click here to see ‘White Rose Problem of the Day’. (KS1 – page 1 of problems, KS2 – page 2 of problems).

White Rose Maths - 20.4.2020

As schools worldwide close for now in response to COVID-19, you might be wondering how best to help your child or children with their studies at home.

The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of maths lessons for each year group. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully. We use White Rose Maths in school so they vocabulary and methods the children should be comfortable with. 

Start with Week 1: Lesson 1 - Unit and non-unit fractions
To get started watch the video clip and see if you can have a go at the activity the work your way through the different lessons. 
Have fun learning all about fractions!
Don't worry if you can't print out worksheets, just write your answers on normal paper and then mark them yourself using the answer sheet.
Physical Education:
In school, we have also being enjoying keeping active by using Joe Wicks' live workouts on his YouTube channel every morning at 9 - these stay on his channel too if you miss the live version:
Take a listen to the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. We started to read this in class so maybe you could listen at home. 
There are lots of books to read online at epic kids, we use this in class so all children will be confident in using it.
You will need to create an account but it's free and gives you access to lots of books to share at home.
Collins Connect- 8.4.202
During school closures Collins Connect are giving access to their online reading books. These are the reading books we read in school. 
use the link below
user name:
Password: Parents20!
I will add more work and updates on this page, so keep checking in.

We hope you all stay safe and well and we both miss you so much!

Miss Fearon & Mrs King

Work packs - Maths and Comprehensions
Challenge - 30.3.2020
Can you find an item beginning with each letter of the alphabet in your house?
A - apple
B - button
C - candle
Challenge - 24.3.2020
Make a A-Z list of all the animals you can think of.
A - Ant
B - Bat
What other A-Z lists can you come up with?
Yoga/Dance - 24.3.2020
Try some Yoga or dance each day. and has lots of great videos for you to join in with. 

Mental health and wellbeing:

5 Ways to Wellbeing - 2.4.2020                                                                                                                         It is so important that everyone keeps both physically and mentally healthy while we’re off. Here are some very simple ideas to keep your family healthy during these difficult times.


Remember you could also be getting on with some activities on our homework grid. Our topic is The Rainforest - why don't you do a project or make a poster about all the information you can find?



 The Year 3/4 spellings are also below, these would be great to learn. You could practise writing them in crazy writing, make wordsearches using them, write them as pyramids or make games like snap.

Welcome to Year 3!
We have a busy and exciting Spring term lined up.  We will be learning about Rainforests and will keep this page updated regularly with what we have been learning in Year 3.  
P.E will be on a Tuesday this term, so please make sure all children have a labelled PE kit (white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and black pumps).
Children will be given spellings and homework in their homework book every Friday, this needs to be returned on the following Thursday.
Please keep checking back at our page to see what we have been up to.
Miss Fearon and Mrs King
Have a look at our long term plan below to see what we will be learning in each subject this year.
Here is our homework grid for this term. We are looking at the rainforest and there are lots of fun activities for you to be doing at home. Remember homework is due every Thursday. 
Each week there will be 3 facts given to you on a Friday. These might be linked to our Science, Geography, History or even DT topic. Please learn these facts at home and we will have a quiz the following week! Go and wow your family and friends with the amazing facts you have learnt!
We work very hard in Year 3 be in school everyday. Our school target is 96% but we try and make it 100%. In the Autumn term we have won 5 times for being the class with the best attendance. We love having the 100 pawcent bear in our class and he gets to go home with Miss Fearon or Mrs King. 
In maths we have been using concrete resources to help us look at 10 more and 10 less of a number.
 In maths we have been looking at number lines to 1000. We were estimating where numbers would fall in comparison to 0 and 1000.
In maths we played a place value game. We worked in teams to make a 3 digit number. We had to use all our maths knowledge to help us (odds and evens, multiples of 10)
In English we have been trying to find out the meaning of some new vocabulary by using dictionaries and online dictionaries on the I-pads. We learnt that 'colossal' means something very big and 'exotic' means somethings unusual and colourful.
In English we looked at a illustration from our book 'Return'. We used the location explorers to help us think about what we could see, how we would feel if we were there, what we thought was unusual and any questions we had. 
We have started reading the book 'Seen and not heard' by Katie May Green. In the night some of the character from the story came alive and visited our classroom. We couldn't believe our eyes when we came in to find the mess they made.
In Autumn 1 our science topic is 'forces'. We been looking at pushing and pulling. We made freeze frames of different everyday activities where we use these forces.
In French we have been looking at feelings. We used the Ipads to show the different emotions and how we say them in French.
We made our own finger puppets after listening to the instructions in French. We then learnt a French rhyme and performed it with our puppets.
In English we have been looking at the writer's hints used in our model text.
In English we wrote poems about the Shiverhawk children. We read the poems aloud to the rest of the class.
French Day - January 2020
As part of French day we looked at a famous French artist called Henri Rousseau. We loooked at some of his famous art work and created our own art piece based on his work.
Our new story is 'Jemmy Button'. We have been looking at the different settings in the story and planning our own setting description.
We looked at different illustrations taken from the book and thought about how the characters would be feeling. We then looked at effective nouns, adjectives and verbs we could use to describe the images.
In DT we are looking at textiles and sewing. We have been practising running stitch and cross stitch.
We loved making book characters out of potatoes for World Book Day.
In art this term we have been looking at the illustrator Quentin Blake. Today we looked at a book written by Roahl Dahl called Dirty Beasts. We looked at the characters from this book, sketched them into our sketch books and then made models of them using Plasticine. 
In art we have been looking at illustrations by Quentin Blake. We drew our own characters and then used water colours to paint a wash over them.
In art we sketched our own animals and then made them into moving pictures.
Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt. We had a mini museum in our classroom and we were looking at the different sources of information and artifacts. We learnt lots of amazing facts!
We have been looking at how the Ancient Egyptians used mummification. We looked at the seven step process and acted it out. Don't worry we didn't take out any organs, especially not the brain through the nostrils!
Religious Education
In RE we have been looking at the story of The Good Samaritan. We acted out the story remembering some of the key vocabulary. 
In computing we have been looking at coding. We used purple mash to learn how to use code to make objects move. 
In music we have learning the song 'let your spirit fly' and we have been learning how to play the glockenspiel. 
Physical Education
In PE we were using our team work skills to get across the hall (swamp) without getting our feet wet (touching the floor outside the hoops). We had to use our co-ordination skills and trust each other to help our team get across safetly. 
Design Technology
In DT we are looking at seasonal food from around the world. Today we made Japanese fruit skewers using our new cookery room. We had a great time preparing the fruit, making the skewers, pasting on plum sauce then eating them!
In Relationships and Health Education we have been looking at bullying and how we can make a change. During Anti-bullying week we thought about a small change we could make which would help improve our school.
In Geography we have been looking at the country Egypt. We researched different geographical facts and created a book using the app 'Book creator' on the Ipads.
In D&T we made crumbles using seasonal fruit. We measured out the ingredients and followed the recipe to make our delicious crumbles.
In our last week of DT we designed and made vegetable tarts. We used seasonal vegetables and tried to think about the different colours we used. We loved our vegetable tarts and even made some for the staff!