Year 4

Welcome Back!
Welcome to Year 4's class page. We have an exciting term ahead with lots planned in, you can keep up to date with everything that we do by looking at this page regularly.
Year 4 Team
The year 4 team will be led by Miss Cave and supported by Miss Fishwick. 
Homework will be given out every Monday and collected in on Friday. We will have weekly spellings and we will alternate between Maths and English homework each week. In addition, We will have reading every night and we should be learning our times tables each night too. 
Our PE day this term is Tuesday. It is essential to have the full and correct kit for each session. This is an important part of our curriculum.
Homework 12.09.16
This week's task in an English activity. We need to identify various sentence types. Also, we have 10 spelling to learn which you can view below. Our homework is due in on Monday 17th September.
Roald Dahl Day
We had a fantastic day dressing up as our favourite characters and learning all about Roald Dahl. 
Homework 22.09.16
This week's homework is a Maths task. Children will use their knowledge of place value to complete number sequences. In addition, you can see this week's spelling list below. Homework is due in on Monday 26.09.16.
We have been learning about running skills. Mr Brown has been teaching us about pace.
Homework 28.09.16
This week's task is an English activity. We have been learning about nouns in class and this homework supports this learning. We also have 10 spellings to learn that can be viewed below. Our homework is due in on Monday 03.10.16.
Homework 12.10.16
This week's homework is based on using the correct grammar in our sentences. Should we use the word were or was? Also, our weekly spelling can be seen below. Homework is due in on Monday 17.10.16.
Homework 19.10.16
This week's homework is an activity based on multiplication and division. We also have 10 spelling to learn, which can be seen below. Homework is due in on Monday 31st October, after half term
We looked at the poem 'Eat your veg' by Valerie Bloom. The children worked in groups to perform the poem, adding actions and considering how important it was to use expression. This will be used to help us write our own persuasive poems. 
Roald Dahl Assembly
On Friday the 5th May, year 4 held an assembly for the school and their parents. Based around Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children had written a range of poems, which they performed! They worked really hard. 
In year 4 we looked at following instructions to build Lego creations! The best part was there were moving parts and sensors in each model, all we had to do then was to write a program on a laptop to tell our Lego what to do. We had a great time and learnt a lot! 
Class Novel
As well as reading some exciting texts within our English lesson, we will also be enjoying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by the author Roald Dahl. This year would have seen the author turn 100 so we will have lots of exciting events happening around school over this year. Look out for our Class Assembly.
In English we are reading Charlotte's Web by EB White. Last week we met the character of Charlotte and we hotseated her. This means that one of the children became Charlotte and then we asked her lots of questions. Then we all had a go in our smaller groups. We had a great time doing it.  
PE kits
For the last couple of weeks some of us have not brought in our PE kit. PE is an important part of our curriculum and all kit must be in school on Thursday. Please don't forget to bring your kit in.
In Science we are learning about changes of state. At the moment we are looking at solids and liquids and how they change. We have completed an investigation on what happens to ice when left at room temperature. We predicted that the larger blocks would take longer to melt. We were correct with our predictions. We then went on to learn about changing liquids to solids.
Homework 05.10.16
This week we are working on addition and subtraction. Also, below is our weekly spellings. Homework is due in on Monday 10.10.16.
We have really enjoyed learning how to play the ukulele so far and have already learnt lots of songs with Mrs Johnson. 
Half Term
Have a fantastic and safe holiday! See you back in school on Monday 31st October. Don't forget that we have a week of swimming when we return. Make sure you have the correct kit.