Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!
We have a busy and exciting Autumn term lined up.  We will keep this page updated regularly with what we have been learning in Year 4.  
P.E will be on a Wednesday this term, so please make sure all children have a labelled PE kit (white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and black pumps).
You will find our Autumn planner below detailing some of the activities the children will be doing this term.
This energetic bunch were the first to successfully complete the 'Daily Mile' without stopping.   Well done to them, now to show everybody else how it's done!
Year 4 learnt about Louis Braille and how we can support charities working with blind people.  We wrote messages to each other in braille and tried to get an understand of what it might be like to have difficulties with eye sight.
In English, we have been reviewing word classes and writing sentences using a range of nouns, adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs.  Ask us for examples of vocabulary from each word class!
Our first story this term is 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells.  We took part in a conscience alley to discuss whether the main character Ivan should leave the safety of his home to go outside in the snow to attempt to save his brother.
In history, we're learning abut the Romans.  We learnt about the Celtic leader Boudicca and took part in some role play.  We talked about how different people in society might feel around the time of the Roman invasions.