Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!
We have a busy and exciting Autumn term lined up.  We will be learning about the Romans and will keep this page updated regularly with what we have been learning in Year 4.  
P.E will be on a Monday this term, so please make sure all children have a labelled PE kit (white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and black pumps).
Our school councillors are Levi and Joshua.  They will be representing Year 4 in school council meetings and suggesting ways we can improve our school.
You will find our Autumn planner below detailing some of the activities the children will be doing this term.
Year 4 have begun the Autumn term investigating states of matter. They were given a variety of objects and were asked to group them in various ways.  We then separated our objects into solids and liquids and discussed the properties of each.
In art, we went outside to look at the different shapes and textures of the trees in our playground.  We spend some time sketching the trees focusing on using different pencil strokes to show texture.
Here are some of our finished pieces.
We have learnt how to great each other and say how we are feeling.  We have also learnt a rhyme and made finger puppets (called Francois and Marie) to practise retelling the rhyme to each other.
We learnt about the artist Matisse and looked at some of his art work including l'escargot.  Using our knowledge of size, shape and colour vocabulary we created art work in the style of Matisse. One partner (l'artiste) asked our partners (l'assistant) for the correct coloured pattern to complete the art work.
Our French feast!
Relationships and Health Education
In Relationships and Health Education/SMSC, we have discussed ways to keep safe both in and outside of the home with Miss Jones.  We have also written poems about people who are important to us and talked about the ways in which our parents and carers help us, as well as how we can help them in return.
We have been working hard on place value so far this term.  We can partition, order and compare 4 digit numbers and are beginning to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.
22nd October - We practised our rounding skills to help us estimate the answers to various questions.  
In history we are learning about the Romans.  We have learnt what an empire is and used dated maps to see how far the empire spread during this era.

We learnt about Boudicca’s rebellion and acted in role as a character from Roman Britain.  We used drama to show how that person would have felt and behaved.

We have been working on our word processing and general computing skills so far this term.  We now know some keyboard shortcuts and are able to edit, format, print and save our work.  In history, we used textease to label a Roman Soldier's uniform which showed our computing skills as well as our understanding of historical terms such as 'caligae' (sandals). 
In PE we have been using team work to solve some problems.  Some have been easier than others!
We read 'The Whale' during the first half of Autumn term and have written setting descriptions based on the stormy seas and newspaper articles based on sightings of a strange sea creature.  
Design and Technology
We are learning to make pavilions this term and tried using cocktail sticks and plasticine to make various structures.   Some were more successful than others!
Our pavilions are coming along nicely, we'll be adding the cladding to them soon.