Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Due to school being closed children are going to work from home. Every child should also be reading the books sent home and going onto TT Rockstars at:


Children can also use their TT Rockstars login to sign into NumBots. The website is:


You could also carry on through the lessons on using our class code - HLQYWB - and your own personal login details you have been given: 


In addition to this, children have their homework grids in their homework books. They can be working through the activities remaining on their grids during this period of absence.

As well as TT Rockstars, Numbots,, your work packs and homework grids, all of the following websites have free access at the moment and have lots of resources to support your learning:
In school, we have also being enjoying keeping active by using Joe Wicks' live workouts on his YouTube channel every morning at 9 - these stay on his channel too if you miss the live version
Stay safe and we will hopefully see you all soon! 
Mr Redfearn & Miss Jones
Welcome to Year 4!
We have a busy and exciting Spring term lined up.  We will be learning about Cities and will keep this page updated regularly with what we have been learning in Year 4.  
P.E will be on a Thursday this term, so please make sure all children have a labelled PE kit (white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and black pumps).
Our school councillors are Levi and Scarlett.  They will be representing Year 4 in school council meetings and suggesting ways we can improve our school.
You will find our Spring planner below detailing some of the activities the children will be doing this term.
Year 4 have begun the Spring term investigating sound. We investigated how sounds are created, how sounds travel, and how the travel through different states of matter.
In the second half of the Spring term we studied Animals including humans and will be looking at teeth, the digestive system and food webs. We have even had a go at making our own human digestive system, from its beginning all the way through to its end!
In art, we went outside to look at the different shapes and textures of the trees in our playground.  We spend some time sketching the trees focusing on using different pencil strokes to show texture.
Here are some of our finished pieces.
We have learnt how to great each other and say how we are feeling.  We have also learnt a rhyme and made finger puppets (called Francois and Marie) to practise retelling the rhyme to each other.
We learnt about the artist Matisse and looked at some of his art work including l'escargot.  Using our knowledge of size, shape and colour vocabulary we created art work in the style of Matisse. One partner (l'artiste) asked our partners (l'assistant) for the correct coloured pattern to complete the art work.
Our French feast!
Relationships and Health Education
In Relationships and Health Education/SMSC, we have discussed ways to keep safe both online with Miss Jones.  We have also written poems about people who are important to us and talked about the ways in which our parents and carers help us, as well as how we can help them in return.
We have been working hard on lots during the Spring term, we have looked at multiplication & division, area, fractions and decimals.
During the Christmas term we learned about the Romans.  We discovered what an empire is and used dated maps to see how far the empire spread during this era.

We learnt about Boudicca’s rebellion and acted in role as a character from Roman Britain.  We used drama to show how that person would have felt and behaved.

We have been working on our coding and problem solving skills using - we've really enjoyed improving our knowledge.
We have used the word processing skills we developed last term as part of our French Day activities, creating a fact file on a famous French person.
In PE we have been playing basketball. We are starting to become very good indeed, NBA here we come!
We read 'Manfish' a biography of Jacques Cousteau, we are going to write our own narrative about an invention similar to his Aqualung. 
Design and Technology
We are learning to make pavilions this term and tried using cocktail sticks and plasticine to make various structures.   Some were more successful than others!
Our pavilions are coming along nicely, we'll be adding the cladding to them soon.