Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!
We have had an amazing time at Birkenhead Park School learning about the history of Birkenhead. Please keep checking for updated pictures!
Year 5 will be taught by Mr Leathers with support from Mrs Ormond.
Spellings will be handed out every Monday to be learnt for Friday each week when the children will be tested. English and Maths homework will be given out on a Thursday to be handed back on Tuesday the following week. If your child requires any help or has lost the homework please come and see me. P.E will be on a Tuesday this half term so please ensure all children have their P.E kits in school.  
Children are expected to read every night to ensure they make the best possible progress. 
Our topic this term is Ancient Greece and we will be learning about the history and geography of Greece, as well as some of the myths and belief's of the people at the time.
The long term plan for the year has been attached for you to see what we will be learning!
In history we have been learning about 'Dig for Victory'. The children looked at many posters from this campaign and designed their own posters using watercolours. This is all linked to our World War 2 topic for this term.
This week we have started our new topic in science, Marvellous Mixtures. We started our topic with an experiment. The children had to rectify a 'Cloakroom Catastrophe'. Following a spillage in the science cupboard, Mrs Hall decided to brush up all of the mess and place all of the objects that she found in containers, however we needed to get each individual object back. Year 4 were using the sieves so we had to find a way to separate the mixture using only paper plates and magnets. All of the children managed to find a way to separate the mixtures, containing sand, sugar, coffee, spaghetti, pasta, paperclips, eyeballs and rice.
A HUGE congratulations to all of the children that have taken part in bikeability training! All of the children that began the course managed to achieve at least a Level One qualification and received a badge and certificate for all of their hard work. This will ensure that they have all of the skills required to ride their bikes on the road if they even need to!
We were lucky enough to be invited to a workshop at the Liverpool library to meet the current children's Laureate, Chris Riddell. Leading up to our meeting we created lots of work based on Chris' illustrations and discussed some of his stories. We would like to give an extra thanks to Miss Warwick for setting up the trip and accompanying us. Please see below for a selection of pictures from the day.
Year 5 were chosen to take part in an athletics event at Bebington High this week and were able to compete with other schools across the Wirral. We have really enjoyed ourselves and should be very proud of how well we did!
During our English lessons this week we have been developing our knowledge of the characters within our current class book 'Wolf Brother'. We have tried to empathise with both the main character, Torak and some of the other key characters within the book. Please see the video below of your children taking part in a drama based production and for photographs of this weeks work.
Within maths we have continued our work on angles, whilst also completing word problems and discussing much more about shapes. We played guess my shape by sticking post-its to our heads and asking our partner 'yes' and 'no' questions.
During history we have continued our work on World War Two, trying to empathise with individuals affected by Dunkirk and the evacuations. We have started to write an extended poem to convey emotions from this period.
In SMSC last week we created safety posters for bonfire night and have spoken a lot about the current US election. In RE we have started to discuss the Christmas story in more detail.
After a lovely half term break we have had to get straight back into the work. We have started a new class novel this week, Wolf Brothers and the children have started to discuss what they think may happen. After reading the first chapter the children are very eager to read more. During our spelling session we have continued to focus on suffixes, specifically the rules for the suffix 'ible' and 'able'. The children have found many of these words and have created a for sale poster using lots of the words. During our ICT lessons this week we have developed our skills further in animation and created a Halloween themed design. Our mosques are completely finished and a display has been set up in the main corridor to show all of our work on Islam for the last half term. We have also finished our first song of the half term, 'Don't Stop Believin', please see below for a sample of the music lesson.
During our science sessions this week we have been preparing for an experiment. To start off we went for a walk around the outside area. We discussed which areas had plants and flowers growing and the reasons why they had grown there. We then discussed the factors affecting growth. The children tested the soil and decided that water and sunlight were two of the biggest factors that would affect growth. We then went back to the classroom to note everything down, plan our experiment and eventually develop a research question ready to be tested in our next lesson!
This week in history we received a very important letter from the national museum of history. We have been asked to find out as much as we can about Winston Churchill, using books, websites and photographs to gather our information. We began by researching Churchill in further detail using both iPads and books about World War 2. The children were given specific websites to visit and had five minutes at each 'station' to write as many facts as they could find about Churchill before feeding back to the rest of the class about what they had learnt.
During our English lessons this week we have been focusing on Alfie as a character and trying to understand his inner thoughts as well as his outer actions. The children hot-seated as Alfie, allowing the rest of the class to ask him questions and understand what he may be thinking. We have also looked at the aspects of a hero and created a recipe for the perfect hero. The children have worked in groups to perform some of the letters sent from Alfie's dad in our class novel. We used our body percussion to create atmosphere and finally performed the letter. Our spelling focus this week has been on silent letters. The children have been noting down silent letters within words all week and practicing in our guided reading and spelling sessions.
We have made our own World War Two medals in history this week, using clay, paint and paperclips. Below are some examples of the children's work!
As part of our SMSC lessons this week we have been discussing the importance of working as part of a team. The children broke a singular stick and then tried to break a group of sticks together, showing the strength that can be demonstrated by belonging to a group. Following this the children worked together to build newspaper bridges, discussing the importance of team work throughout.
We have also used our English lessons to write a telegram from Alfie to his dad, using as few words as possible. We practiced and then priced up our telegram. Did you know that it cost around 2p for the first 9 words and then a penny for every word after that? After that, we used post-it notes to describe how Alfie may have been feeling on the inside as the War began and the events occurring around him. We then used this work to create our own emotional poems. We created the first verse together as a class and then independently finished off our poems.
During our English lessons this week the children have started to empathise with Alfie as a character in our current class novel 'Stay Where You Are and then Leave'. We have done a lot of work to try to understand how many of the different characters may be feeling. Above is a conscience alley that the children have created to convince the main character to either stay in school or go to work to earn a living.
This week we have started to solve problems in our guided reading sessions and during our maths catch-up we have been using physical objects to improve our confidence with place value. We have also started to research Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and created a comparison of the two iconic nurses. During French this week we have been learning some basic greetings and farewells. Ask your child how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in French!
During Roald Dahl day we have discussed our chosen books which are Boy and Going Solo. The children looked fantastic and it was lovely to see such an effort being made to celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday. We watched a live feed with Quentin Blake who has helped us to develop our illustration skills. Keep checking the class page to see some of our amazing work!
This week we have started looking more closely at the beginning of the Second World War and the events that led up to the Battle of Britain. The children used a map and some blu-tack to show the stages of invasion and then created a timeline to explain the events more clearly.
During our science topic we have been learning about the planets and how long they take to orbit. We went out to the playground to test the speed of orbit and made some interesting discoveries!
During our PE sessions for this term we have been developing our skills to work as part of a team. Not only will this help with our physical fitness but also with our ability to work together within the classroom. We have had to carry out a lot of trust activities and have thoroughly enjoyed this scheme of work.
Congratulations to all of our attendance and punctuality winners, as well as Kenzie for winning the Star of the Week. It is extremely important that the children are in the line on time EVERY morning and are in school at all possible opportunities.
Well done to Lacie for her fantastic entry in the Easter Egg competition! She has been voted as the Key Stage Two winner and has won a variety of choclatey prizes.
During our topic lessons we have created animals out of clay that have adapted to live in their individual environments. We had to research the animals beforehand and then study them in detail in order to create the correct colours and textures to make our animals. We started by moulding the clay into the correct shape, then, after the clay had dried, we started to paint our chosen animals. They have now been displayed around the school and within the classroom and we are all very proud of the results!
We are so proud of Year 5 this week for their Roald Dahl assembly. They have been working really hard on the performance and I am sure that all of the family members that attended were so happy with the effort and dedication shown by all of the pupils. WELL DONE YEAR 5!
We used our book 'The Princess' Blankets' to produce some artwork related to the situations that the Princess found herself in within the story. This was a fabric-based piece related to the four blankets within the story: earth, ocean, mountain and forest. The children used their sewing skills, a variety of different fabrics, painting, printing and collage to achieve the desired effect and we are all very proud of the work that has been created!
Year 5 Parent Workshop Wednesday 2nd November
"I found this morning really interesting and also realised how much work the children and teachers do. It is so clever that they can learn through fun! Also the fact that I can go onto the website and see my child is a lovely idea. It's really great to see how much the children are enjoying school."
"I enjoyed mathletics, it's a fun way to learn and keep their minds active. I wish they had this when I was here!"
"I have really enjoyed this workshop, seeing and experiencing how the children learn. The support from the teachers, Mr Leathers and Mrs Ormond gets a 10/10 from the first to the last part. The teachers communication was great."
"Fantastic!!! Easy to access and to understand. Great fun and an encouragement to learn!"
"I think the school is doing a really good job on teaching my child. Big thanks!"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the session, gained a good insight of what the children are learning. Great work!"
This week Year 5 and 6 have had a visit from the police in order to tackle the issue of safety on the roads, especially when using public transport. The children were able to ask lots of questions and share their knowledge about the subject. Following this they watched a short film outlining the potential risks of danger on the roads and the effects that peer pressure can have.