Year 5

Welcome to Year 5
Welcome back!  Year 5 will be taught by Mrs Young, Miss McCombs and supported by Miss Jones.  They will also have Mrs McGrath on a Thursday afternoon and Mr Leathers for a short time on Friday afternoon.
PE kits will be needed every Wednesday afternoon.
Please have a look at our exciting curriculum.  There is the long term plan so you can see what we will be covering in each subject for the year.  If you wish to see this in more detail, please refer to the Autumn Topic Planner which gives a more detailed overview for Autumn!
What are Sc1 skills?
Yr5 have been reviewing the skills used when we carry out any investigation.  We then planned and carried out an investigation to remind us of what each of those skills are.
At the end of an investigation we now know that we must evaluate our results; this means to consider whether we have accurate and reliable results.  Yr5 are able to explain how we would evaluate these now.
  1. Did you know...    a good investigative question clearly shows which variable is being changed and what is actually being measured?
We have learnt about the human life cycle and are now exploring the circulatory system.  We had a go at working together as a group to reproduce the circulatory system. 
Did we succeed?  
eSafety - how to keep ourselves safe online - October 2018
We had a visit from Merseyside Police to remind us how to keep ourselves safe online.  We already know how to but it is nice to have a visit to remind us.  We wouldn't invite strangers into our homes so why post pictures that give strangers an insight into our homes and private lives!
A trip to the Birkenhead Mosque - 11.10.18
This term as part of our RE curriculum, we have been learning about the religion of Islam. To consolidate the learning so far and to allow the children to ask questions to adults and children of Muslim religion, we went on a trip to the local Mosque. The children were shown around the different areas of the mosque and were able to view a congregational prayer. A group of children from St Werburgh's primary school spoke to the children about their religion and gave them an insight into their daily routine. Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and said it was nice to see first hand what they have been learning about in the classroom.  
Stay where you are and then leave
This is the title of the class novel we are studying in our English lessons.  We looked at the title to predict what we thought the book might be about.  We then looked at the cover to enable us to update our predictions as we had more information to base them on.
We now know that the main character is a child called Alfie.  The story begins on his 5th birthday, the day the fighting began during WWI.
27th Sep - we considered whether Alfie should stay at school or go out to work with the shoeshine box that he stole.  We then appointed our own Alfie who walked down conscience alley before making a final decision.
Should Alfie stay at school or should he go to work?
Watch to find out what we decided..
Do you know who our class author is?
Have a look at us holding some of his books, can you tell now?
How does Alfie feel?
 10th Oct 2018
We have now discovered that Alfie's mum may have lied to him about his Dad. We worked with partners to discuss and role-play a conversation that we'd like to have with the character Alfie.  One brave person then volunteered to take up the hot-seat and play the role of Alfie whilst some of us asked questions.  How did he do discussing Alfie's feelings.....?
We watched it back in class, unfortunately the file was too big to upload here!