Year 5

Welcome to Year 5
Welcome back!  Year 5 will be taught by Mrs Young, Mrs Dowdeswell and supported by Mrs Ormond.
  • PE kits will be needed every Thursday afternoon.
  • Did you know we are now going to be studying French?
Please have a look at our exciting curriculum.  There is the long term plan so you can see what we will be covering in each subject for the year.  
If you look at the Autumn Topic Planner, it will give a more detailed view of what we will be covering this term.

Think Forensic

Junior Whodunnit


On Tuesday 3rd December staff from crime investigation backgrounds including CSIs, detectives, and forensic scientists visited Year 5 at Well Lane.

Following an introduction to forensics Yr5 we kitted out in crime scene suits and taken them to a mock crime scene.

At the scene the children were invited to identify evidence.  The CSIs gather the evidence and discuss how it may be helpful in the investigation before taking it back to the classroom where we conducted our analysis.  This included the following:

  •         Fingerprints - developing and lifting using different methods for different surfaces, (porous and non-porous), rolling and identification. We were able to lift and roll our own fingerprints.
  •         Footwear marks - casting and lifting electronically. We each cast a tyre track which we were able to keep.
  •         Hair and Fibreswe looked at the morphology of hair using a digital microscope

Over the course of the afternoon we conducted the analysis and we able to eliminate suspects until we are finally left with one person who was the culprit (it was NOT Mrs Young!).  

At the end of a very tiring but rewarding workshop we were able to keep our crime suits, fingerprint lifts and forms and tyre tracks to take home.

Parent Workshop
We invited parents and carers to come and work with their children on Wednesday 6th November. Mrs Young introduced Mrs Daniels, our new headteacher before handing over briefly to Mrs Hall who was able to share our new Read to Write scheme of work that is already having a very positive impact on our writing and Miss Fearon who was able to share Times Tables Rock Stars and the possibility of winning a 'pizza party'!  The children are really excited about this!!
The children then came and joined us in the hall to share activities that we do.
We were delighted that so many of you could attend and were able to take part in activities with your children.  I have included a few of the lovely comments that you so kindly wrote at the end of the session:
"I think the games were a great way to learn."
"WE LOVED IT!  We'd enjoy other subjects too."
"We enjoyed playing the maths games and also liked the TTRS."
"Really enjoyed coming along to the parents' workshop.  I think all work was good."
Year 5 Attendance
Each week we look to see which class has the best attendance.  We are always aiming for 100%.  We have won twice so far:
  • Week ending 4th October  = 1st - 96.4% - Y5
  • Week ending 8th November = Joint 1st - 96.4% -  Y5 

When we returned to school on Tuesday 5th November, we had introduced Hundred Paw Cent Bear.  The teacher(s) of the winning class gets to take him home.  Mrs Young was lucky enough to have him on Monday 11th November.  Have a look at what he got up to when Mrs Young took him home...
Circle Time
Every week during Circle Time with Mrs Young, the Year 5 representatives on the School Council, have the opportunity to speak to the class about issues raised.  We also use this time for our weekly THUNK.  Our most lively debate so far has been... Is a tennis ball green or yellow?  We were pretty much agreed that is was GREEN but there are adults in the school and some parents who felt it was yellow!  What do you think?
During our SMSC sessions we have looked at Treasured Memories and Cyber Bullying
We've been learning to plan and carry out investigations and about life cycles, plant reproduction and forces.
We enjoyed creating parachutes and then using Lego men to test them!
Our favourite task - so far - has been creating boats out of recycled materials and racing them! 
Can you remember who won?
We also predicted and investigated which material would cause the least friction. 
As well as this we investigated levers using one Mr. Dowdeswell made especially! 
The middle part could move, can you remember it's 'scientific' name?
We are looking at a new book in English.
Can you remember what it is called?
We role played different scenes focusing on what the characters were doing and their emotions.
Can you guess how we are feeling?
Can you tell what the character is doing?
We also searched the text for phrases in order to understand their meanings better.
World War 2
  • When did WW2 begin?
  • What cause the outbreak of WW2?
Year 5 have been learning about WW2.  We found out what we already knew and then discussed what we would like to find out. 

Image result for neville chamberlain

Listen to the audio footage of the then British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, announcing to Britain that they were at war with Germany on 3rd September, 1939.

How do you think you would have felt to hear the announcement?

Here a few clips of children re-enacting the moment families heard the news that war had been declared by Neville Chamberlain.

We have been studying Joan Miró.
We created life drawings of fruit/vegetables. Then we designed and created pinch pots based on our drawings. 
Once the children made their pinch pots they used tools to create texture.
In Music we learnt and performed Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.
Do you like the song?
What instruments can you hear?
Religious Education.
We visited the local Mosque and were given a guided tour around it. 
We learnt many interesting facts and built on the knowledge that we have been learning in our RE lessons.
Can you remember the actions to help remember the 5 pillars of Islam?
Physical Education.
In Autumn 1 we have been focusing on Orienteering and team work.
We have been working on listening carefully and given clear instructions. 
In Autumn 2 we have been focusing on Gymnastics, including forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels, headstands, bunny hops and mat work.
Bonfire Night & Safety
Our Year 5 and Year 6 children met Tina and Molly, Community Support Officers with Merseyside Police.  They came in to work with both classes, to speak about keeping safe on Halloween and Bonfire Night, on Thursday 17th October.
They have since emailed us to say how impressed they were with our children.  Open the attached letter to see what they have said.
Mrs Young
Can you help Mrs Young solve the mystery of the 'strange box'?
A strange box arrived at Well Lane over the summer holidays.  It has confused Mrs Young and she has asked Yr5 to help her solve the mystery.
  • What was in the box?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Why was there an empty bottle of water and an a half eaten packet of biscuits found inside it?
  • Who is William H Johnson?
  • Who or what is Henry?
  • Where is Henry now?
We now know that Henry Brown was born into slavery.  He mailed himself in a box to another part of the U.S. to escape.  We have written a diary entry, with us taking on the role of Henry.  
Come back to see some of our writing very soon.