Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
Year 6 will be taught by Mr Lambe and supported by Miss Fishwick.
  • Reading books should be read and signed every night.
  • Year 5/6 statutory word lists should be practised every night.
  • Times Table Rockstars should be accessed at least 3 times a week.
  • PE kits will be needed every Tuesday and Friday.
Please have a look at our exciting curriculum.  There is the long term plan so you can see what we will be covering in each subject for the year.  
If you look at the Spring Topic Planner, it will give a more detailed view of what we will be covering this term.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Chester Zoo Visit
On Tuesday 14th January, we visited Chester Zoo. Everybody had a great day and we got see nearly all of the animals that we hoped to see. We also learnt more about Palm Oil through a specialist workshop in the Realm of the Red Ape enclosure. 
Design Technology
We planned, prepared and cooked a three course meal consisting of: stuffed peppers for starters, baked salmon for our main courses and a pineapple dessert. Everybody had fun and the food was amazing! 
Forensic Science Workshop
On Tuesday 3rd December we took part in a 'Whodunnit?' workshop - the pupils learnt crime solving techniques such as: finger printing, tyre / footwear casting and investigating fibres from clothes and hair. But could Year 6 forensically prove who the culprit was... of course we could!
History / Geography
Anglo Saxons & Vikings
Nature's Natural Resources
Mental Health & Wellbeing
We have been working to improve our emotional wellbeing and resilience in our weekly Personal Best sessions.
Jewellery Design
Our current Read to Write text is...
See the source image
British Values: UK Parliament Week
Circle Time

Circle Time is a popular activity in Year 6 that is used to help develop positive relationships between children. It aims to give them tools to engage with and listen to each other.


The circle encourages unity, respect, turn-taking and working together towards a shared vision.


It also helps children work on five key skills, without which Circle Time doesn’t work: thinking, listening, looking, speaking and concentrating